Congratulations, low-income residents. The City of Burbank might help you buy a “home” that you’ll never be able to buy


No, not that one. If only.

The annual CDBG decisions are up for grabs again tomorrow night, and although the specific entry/application below is for a federal program that must be dealt with according to federal rules, there’s no way in hell that anyone worthy is going to be able to benefit from this idea in Burbank.


FireShot Capture 145 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer


Although well intended, how is this going to help folks with no money? Increasing local rental subsidies will of course, if they’re even able to find anything in town. Good luck on that one.

Using these funds to buy up old apartment houses just to tear them down and build smaller and more expensive ones won’t do the trick either. That’s the old, discredited Burbank Redevelopment Agency way.

Traditionally, staff has always favored “Home Ownership!” in Burbank over its measly, apartment-dwelling cousin — at least until their friends in the development business want to build another huge apartment house somewhere, in which case they wildly promote the project by calling it “mixed use.” But the myth that Burbank is the same wonderful “Community of Homeowners!” that it used to be continues. It’s not any more.

And unless you happen to think in that traditionalist a way — or, you want to invest in local condo building for big profit — it’s not even an ideal.






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3 responses to “Congratulations, low-income residents. The City of Burbank might help you buy a “home” that you’ll never be able to buy

  1. DixieFlyer

    Game playing once again on the dividing up of the Grant Money.

    Would you rather trust our Burbank Temporary Aid (BTAC) to help Burbankers in need, or Volunteers of America from Downtown LA?

  2. DixieFlyer

    The STAFF INFECTION would rather spend MORE$$ on VOM.

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