Burroughs has always been dumber than Burbank


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Students began taking state standardized exams in Burbank earlier this month, but about 40% of Burbank High’s junior class chose to opt out of the process, according to Burbank Unified Supt. Matt Hill.

There were 269 out of 656 juniors at Burbank High who opted out of taking the exam after getting a parent to sign off on the request…

That’s amazing.

It’s a good article, and it was written from the interesting point of view of the students being the ones who choose to opt out. And for good reason — the tests are perversely anti-intellectual.

There’s obviously a movement going on over there at BHS — are they passing around Paul Goodman again? Better tell Ham Lloyd and Mike Kosteva.

Actually, it’s the parents who have to sign and make the choice for under 18, and this is the first time we’ve ever seen this issue framed from the kids’ perspective/opinion, like they’re the ones making the decision. Usually the opt-outers are pictured as angry parents who are almost always right-wing Obama haters.

They love to think this testing is a perfect example of governmental intrusion and control. To most of this crowd it’s not what they’re about, just that they are. So whatever anti-testing movements you hear about in the news are almost always reactionary and lamebrain.

This statistic is equally astounding, although no surprise if you grew up here:

Meanwhile, only four students opted out at Burbank High’s rival school, John Burroughs High.


This isn’t.

Among Glendale’s four high schools, 18 students opted out of the state exam, according to Lynn Marso, assistant superintendent of Glendale Unified.

Glendale’s always been full of and apathetic and dipshit parents. What social critics used to call “convergent” personalities, back before that became everyone in the country.

Or worse. Most of the kids are awful too. They always were– it’s nothing new.








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7 responses to “Burroughs has always been dumber than Burbank

  1. Elliott

    Where did the Cusumano kids go to High School?

  2. Anonymous

    Why do u care

  3. Assuming more Burroughs kids didn’t opt out because no one was organizing a protest at their school.

  4. Anonymous

    Denim Day? OMG Emily.

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