Talking about kids and the arts

Maybe it helps to be from the Bronx.




1928: American born British violinist and child prodigy, Yehudi Menuhin (1916 - 1999). (Photo by Harold Holt/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)




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8 responses to “Talking about kids and the arts

  1. DixieFlyer

    BTW, the follower had nothing to report about the fighting at Burbank High, in particular, on Friday.

    Armenians vs. more Armenians.

    Significant number of participants.

    No report on the several hours spent on the dedication of One Solid Month to the Armenian Genocide of 101 years ago at the Burbank School Board.

    No report on the proposed Grants on Tuesday’s Council Agenda.

    Still nothing from the Police Commission meeting.

    What happened to Times Community News???

    • semichorus

      Genocide? What genocide? You mean there was a genocide somewhere?

      You know, you never see Jews carrying on like this. Never. Then again, they have lots more to talk about and celebrate.

      This is getting SO ridiculous, isn’t it? Identity politics run amuck. What were they fighting about at BHS — that the Persians are sluts, and the Lebanese have the best food? It’s usually on that level.

      • Dianne

        Hold onto your hats tomorrow.

      • Chelsea

        Dixie didn’t go far enough.
        The School Board voted 3-2 to Celebrate for one whole Month.
        The students read speeches claiming it’s part of American History?
        I can see World History, even Geography.
        Armand, Steve and Roberta went for the whole month???
        Remember when they wanted their own Charter School?

        • semichorus

          One month? That’s ridiculous.

          Any recognition of the other one? Too much competition no doubt.

          • Donna

            I’m glad you used the term celebrate because that is what so many of the kids are doing, Chelsea.
            On the second floor of the Media Mall there are young ladies chanting as if they were yell leaders “GEN-O-CIDE…GEN-O-CIDE” on and on.
            They scream, clap and yell when a car turns with an Armenian flag.,
            What happened to Armenian Martyr’s Day?
            That was a dignified show of Respect.

            • semichorus

              Yeah, I know. It’s like they’re proud of it.

              Even worse, these kids are three and four generations removed from the event, so it’s really gotten to be socio-pathological. Our genocide is better than your genocide, and so we’re bigger victims than you are, etc.

              Get a life, dudes.

              (These kids also want “reparations” from Turkey now, but that’s another story.


              Is this really any surprise? I really despise all these tribal hatreds coming over to our shores, as well as the politicians who pander to them for votes. Adam Schiff’s a big offender there. So to an extent is Will Rogers and much of the rest of the city council and school board.

              I’ve seen Rogers practically cry tears over the years about the Armenian diaspora, but he’s said little or nothing about local Hispanics.

          • Evelyn

            The location fell through, then the concept lost steam.

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