Is the BUSD allowing a private company to data-mine its students to find potential “bullies”?


How could this possibly be true?

Has the BUSD completely lost its mind? There’s so much wrong with this.


Different subject about BUSD…been bugging me for a few days now.

My kid came home the other day and mentioned that he had to sit through a whole class devoted to some “3rd party company” that Burbank’s tied into about bullying. It was a survey listing every kids name in 9th grade with multiple choice questions ranging from popularity to if they have bullying tendencies. Lots of questions.

So it seems like Burbank is now using their own students to profile the other students. Obviously the students (kids being kids) are putting their friends names in the categories they normally wouldn’t, just so they can laugh about it after. What happens to this info after? What does the 3rd party have to do with it?

My kid didn’t participate since he never brought the permission form home…but his name was still part of the survey. The teacher was pushing him pretty hard to participate as well.

Am I paranoid or is this just wrong? I’m pretty close to contacting the school about this.


So the kids get to review every other kid for their subjective personal qualities, some of which might be considered culpable or even potentially illegal?

How about their “grit”? We hear that’s a big new concern now for these 21st-century school administrators and data-mining companies. How much grit a student has.

What these kids should really do to gum up the works down there is to just put every one of their fellow students down as a potential first-class bully. Make the entire student body come across as one big prison yard of grief for the administrators.

It’d serve these district assholes right. Then again, they’d probably just suspend every kid for “insubordination” for having the temerity to pull such a brilliant stunt.









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9 responses to “Is the BUSD allowing a private company to data-mine its students to find potential “bullies”?

  1. Doug

    It is looking like the schools will sell anything for money including the children

    • semichorus

      The get in bed with this nonsense, yes. And look what happens. Schools and “business” working together, bla bla bla.

      Or even better, the schools applying “business-like methods.” The Broadians love it (like our new superintendent– that’s why he was hired).

      Imagine. A Burbank High School vocal music corporation. Who in their right mind would think that this was a good idea, or even an appropriate one for a high school?

      Aren’t they always telling us that these kids are minors?

  2. Tom

    Not a good idea because now they are getting sued.

  3. Bryan

    This story is in the Las Vegas Nevada blog so why is the Burbank Leader all quiet about the music stuff

    • semichorus

      I noticed the Leader finally caught up to the County cross story a week late, which even I thought was too boring to put on here six days ago. So maybe by next week they’ll cover this latest BUSD mess. Which I’m sure the BUSD will say isn’t them … somehow.

  4. chad

    This just seems like such a bad choice on so many levels. Not knowing all the details, I can imagine that this survey could be used by groups of kids to bully other kids in an anonymous way. Tom, are they being sued over this particular survey?

  5. chad

    Sorry, didn’t see the previous article.

    • Jay

      Chad I agree with you it is just bad idea. I even think those buddy benches are a bad idea. I mean a kid goes and sits there because he or she has no friends ? All of this labels kids and to me it is really bad.

  6. chad

    Great point, Jay.

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