What about apartment standards?



While single-family-residence development standards are important, why is Burbank only stopping there? Why can’t we have public input and public meetings on what our apartments and multi-residential zones will look like?

FireShot Capture 19 - City of Burbank - https___www.facebook.com_BurbankCA_

The developers and big mixed-use landlords wouldn’t like that very much now, would they?

Imagine letting our residents tread on their turf by allowing them to control what that crowd can or cannot ultimately do with their big rental properties, especially over how they will look.

So let’s throw a bone to the R-1 people and let the rest of the town take care of itself.

We’re not talking about overly generalized city “plans” like Burbank2035, where there have been public input opportunities. We’re talking about factoring in specific development and design ideas like what they’re doing now with this big debate over R-1. How about opening up R-4 and R-5 for the same kind of public debate as well?

Never happen.





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