Since “gang crime” is such a small percentage of crime in Burbank, why the sudden emphasis on gang crime?



We’ll ask that question again.

Because it raises very serious questions about why the BPD and its media facilitators are suddenly running scare stories about local “gangs” and their alleged criminal activities, especially when they immediately turn around and admit that they’re not even sure how to define such behavior.

Keep in mind that this would never have happened back when Burbank was being investigated by the Justice Department for illegal discrimination against gang members and other ethnic residents and outsiders. Such a very public and generalized (yet undefined) antagonism towards “gangs” and “gang violence” would have been viewed by outsiders as the smoking gun that, perhaps, this local police department was more than a bit prejudiced against these individuals. Why else be singling them out?

So why is this happening now? Because the FBI is no longer breathing down their necks? And why is the media so eager to latch on to these kind of legendarily inflammatory accusations against what is always seen as Black and Brown crime? These lengthy, panicky news articles then go on to practically advocate the resumption of neighborhood dragnets and mass evictions, just like the good old days.

It does appear to be business as usual in white-ass Burbank. So expect more of the same.

We’re also curious how Councilman Rogers views this sudden alarmist tone from his department.

It’s not like he’s insensitive to these kind of issues. A number of years ago he actually went out of his way in an old Leader column to ask why it was that he was always seeing minorities being pulled over in nighttime BPD traffic stops. And only minorities.

Did he ever get an answer?

Again, is there some sudden crime wave in Burbank involving gang members? If not, why then all the fear mongering?





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5 responses to “Since “gang crime” is such a small percentage of crime in Burbank, why the sudden emphasis on gang crime?

  1. Anonymous

    Eric Rosoff has been stirring the pot with comments for the last several months or more on the City of Burbank Facebook group. And many nervous nellies are also commenting about the recent gang- involved incidents and getting all worked up. That’s why the Leader did the story- they want the page views and the clicks. They watch the Facebook group to see what the posts are with lots of comments and publish articles on those topics. If the people of this town ever cared to look at the police arrest records they would see gang-related incidents are a tiny fraction of police calls/arrests.

    • semichorus

      Yes, Eric “I don’t need a warrant to go into the high school offices on weekend nights to look at confidential student records when no one’s around to catch me” Rosoff.

      He’s always had a thing about “gangs.” He made his BPD career on it. I think your analysis is spot-on. It’s scaredy-cat white people and official types.

      Btw, that’s not a City of Burbank Facebook page. It’s a private group of boosters and PR people who are improperly cyber-squatting on the city’s name.

      As Mike Nolan has pointed out repeatedly. City Attorney Albano is not doing her job by letting them get away with this. It confuses people about the source and operation of this particular Facebook page — many people think it’s the City of Burbank and it is NOT.

      The fact that they are trying to arrogantly pawn it off as such says a lot about what they are up to. It’s not “Burbank,” it’s them. They could call it the “Friends of the City of Burbank” and that would be OK. But they don’t and won’t.

  2. Wurbl

    I think the typical Burbank resident is a classic case of trading freedom for security and doesn’t care if rights of the “riff-raff” are violated as long as the schools are good and property values rise.

  3. Citizen Cane

    I used to own a property near lake and Verdugo. Until you see your well spent money being wasted on removing graffiti from walls constantly and quality tenants leaving because they don’t feel safe, I am one who supports BPD attacking the gang problem. Having an vacant property cost me money. Finding quality tenants is never easy, and having to charge a lower rent because gangs are in the hood is why I support this enforcement. I do appreciate the city removing the graffiti but every week, the walls get a fresh layer of cheep paint. One who takes pride in his properties does not appreciate gangs affecting rent control and property values. Prospective tenants are able to google crime and will often use gang crime to try and knock down the rent a couple of hundred dollars. Businesses in the area are also affected by the cost of these roaming thugs.

    Every once in awhile, the city will do something good, and the city did just that when gangs were forced out of the Lake and Alameda area with the city buying up properties through, I believe, Redevelopment programs. That was a huge improvement for home owners and property owners.

    I guess it is to safe to say, gangs have cost me a lot of money over the years. No sympathy for gangs.

    When City Hall get a chorus of complaints from business owners and home owners, they listen.

    • semichorus

      Much of the problem back then was due to city neglect of those neighborhoods. Back in the mid 1980s I had a friend who actually lived at the end of Linden Ct. (most people say “where?”) and I could not BELIEVE how that street had been allowed to deteriorate. It looked like something out of Mad Max. It was like Dodge City at night.

      If they had adopted a broken-windows kind of policy in Lake/Verdugo a lot of that trouble would have gone away. It wasn’t so much a police problem as a code regulation one.

      It was almost as if Burbank was deliberately allowing the whole place to decline as an excuse to engage in formal Redevelopment and property takeovers.

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