Remember, the Burbank City Council could easily put rent control on the ballot


Last week the great new Burbank Viewpoints blog posted this video of a recent council response to a resident’s question about rent control…



Gordon’s the only one who didn’t wimp out. He knows that the Landlord-Tenant Commission can’t do a thing to control rents, and that it’s basically a total joke anyway.

Rogers though is delusional if he thinks that the LTC can help tenants get their rents down. Most of the time they just tell you how lucky you are that you’re not paying $2,400 a month like the “average” rent is somewhere else (supposedly).

They’re also mostly landlords up there anyway, because the Municipal Code no longer requires the LTC to have a split tenant/landlord membership as it did back in the 1990s. It also doesn’t require them to investigate and file reports on each tenant complaint any more either, as they once had to do as well.

Gabel-Luddy is, of course, her usual ridiculous and evasive self. If she means she wants to put rent control into the discussion, great, but we’ll believe it when we see it. But Rogers is the bigger concern, because he knows damn well that the city council could easily put this issue on the ballot for the voters to decide. So his evasion is particularly offensive here. Gordon knows the rest of them will never do it and that’s why he answered as he did. He didn’t try to do the ridiculous and hide behind the LTC.

Keep in mind the Charter Commission could also put rent control on the ballot for Burbank voters to decide as part of a new addition to the Charter. Yeah, right, that’ll be the day.

We urge local tenants and residents not to let this rent control issue go away. Keep putting the council members on the spot about it all the time, and don’t let any of them hide behind their useless landlord-dominated “Landlord-Tenant” Commission. The Burbank City Council could put this issue on the ballot any time they want.

To … yes, we’ll say it. To “let the people decide!” So what are they afraid of, and who are they actually protecting?

The Burbank tenants?

Got any explanations for this neglect and omission, eh Will?

You afraid of the vote?






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10 responses to “Remember, the Burbank City Council could easily put rent control on the ballot

  1. Burbank Renter

    Affordable housing may be limited by new state environmental rules

    “The Brown administration — which was tasked with creating the new rule by the Legislature — believes this shift will encourage the development of urban housing, bringing people into the cities and giving them more transportation options beyond the car.”

    Being a one party state makes it real easy to point the finger of blame when everything goes to shit.

  2. One thing we didn’t note in the blog post was that Talamantes did respond as well, but his response mirrored Emily and wasn’t really worth including for time purposes. Interesting to note the comments on the closed “City of Burbank” FB page that Scott Talamontes admins. Not all of them are ummm… polite. (you need to have access to the group to post)

  3. Anonymous


    The Burbank School District is being sued for copyright infringement, they are trying to keep it quiet but here is the press release about it this should get looked at and become public

  4. CornFused

    Great video. Rogers sounds like an ass with his comments. Does he always look that hung over, or is it only when he’s hopelessly looking for an answer to a question he seems unqualified to be dealing with?

  5. Anonymous 3

    You missed out on Gordon saying that rent control in Santa Monica is an utter failure.

    Landlord tenant commission has exactly as much power as council gives it. Not fair to bash them for not acting when they cannot act.

    • semichorus

      True on both.

      • Anonymous 3

        Your hero, Gordon, says that rent control does not work.

        • semichorus

          That’s not quite what he said. He was talking about Santa Monica and affordable housing.

          At least he didn’t try to hide behind the LTC. Now that he said didn’t work.

          • Anonymous 3

            And we are not talking about affordable housing here in Burbank? Why should it work out any better here than in Santa Monica?

            • semichorus

              SM developers have more of an incentive to convert rental stock to new. It’s a nicer place, for one thing.

              Rent control is not the cause of that, either — it’s that developers want to make big bucks with big new condos and the like. They want the old apartments just for the land. This is not a rent control thing, it’s a land-use issue.

              So anyone who says that rent control causes these conversions is WRONG. They would be happening anyway, and do. They happen in Burbank, and often!

              There are so many blatant landlord lies about rent control. It does NOT hinder new apt. construction (new projects are always exempt), it doesn’t ruin neighborhoods (seen West Hollywood lately?), and it doesn’t inspire teardowns and conversions.

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