Will Bernie take Harlem? (updated)


The shop windows are full of his fliers, and crowds cheer the kids on the streetcorners who are hawking his name.



A funny moment this afternoon on MSNBC, one that goes to how phony these news networks are these days.

The commentators over there are making much about how they’re sitting in Brooklyn at “the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge” right behind them, bla bla bla. You’d think Chris Matthews had founded the place in the 1740s by the way he carries on. So later on the afternoon one of them shows up in front of a completely different angle of a supposedly nearby bridge, with everyone and the chyron claiming that she’s in Brooklyn.

But a close look at the background image showed that this wasn’t the Brooklyn Bridge at all. It was the George Washington Bridge instead, which is located on a completely different river nowhere near Brooklyn. This explained the reversed angle that was completely different from the last few days. She was obviously sitting in front of a blue screen and someone had put up the wrong live shot behind her.

Apparently they’d had problems before, last week:


The chattering class also still won’t acknowledge why Bernie Sanders is doing so well. It’s not because people “distrust” Hillary Clinton, it’s because they are attracted to Sanders’ left-wing values. Big difference.

The news media simply will not admit the fact that many, many people in this country are proudly left wing. To them — and to their corporate overlords — America is always conveniently center-right.




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2 responses to “Will Bernie take Harlem? (updated)

  1. Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is psychotic.

    • semichorus

      His comments about NYC tonight were so ridiculous and out of line. “Why aren’t we building Empire State Buildings today!” (as well as a slew of historical old projects that were almost all privately funded).

      Apparently he forgot about Freedom Tower. Which he never does when he wants to use THAT for one of his little yammering theories. Or the huge new subway line on the East Side…

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