The BPD’s now trying to blame “gangs” for its own inefficiency and incompetence




It’s the Mexicans that are doing it! The Mexicans!

Obviously, the official bigotry and racism continues. This is such total and complete racist horseshit — total boilerplate propaganda from the Man, and eagerly reprinted by a compliant news media that acts more like stenographers than reporters.

Next they’ll be telling us all about “super-predators” just like Hillary.

Magdalena Araujo was knitting footies for her grandchild in the living room of her Elmwood Avenue home when a bullet flew through her window and pierced the side of her torso.

It was Feb. 22, 1992.

The bullet came out of a .22 caliber rifle fired from a cul-de-sac down the street, the notorious stomping ground for the Barrio Elmwood Rifa gang.

There, members had what police at the time called a “tactical advantage,” as they were uniquely positioned to see oncoming cars. They’d wait for rivals to show up, grab their weapons and open fire.

That’s what happened that day. A man looking for the freeway made a wrong turn onto the street.

Many mornings, police — typically in groups, because there’s safety in numbers — would find garage doors covered in 7-foot block graffiti letters, shot-out street lights and urine-filled bottles that were thrown at patrol cars.

Fearful residents slept in their bathtubs to avoid stray bullets.

“It just kept snowballing, snowballing, snowballing, until it couldn’t be denied anymore,” said Ed Skvarna, a gang detective at the time who’s now chief of police at Bob Hope Airport.

Araujo survived. The bullet lodged against her spine, leaving her partially paralyzed, according to news accounts at the time.

But the attack — and others like it — vigorously shook the community, moving people from all corners of Burbank to coordinate a response that included a major law-enforcement crackdown, as well as the development of programs targeting at-risk youth.

It didn’t stop there.

But we will.

Everything about this is a lie. The old Burbank Human Relations Council in fact was very concerned at the time about this shame-blaming towards one particular ethnic group in town. Not everyone agreed with this official scapegoating of Mexicans, or the draconian methods that were used to go after the families and neighborhoods.

And why the hell is this city outfit being allowed to engage in the political debate? They’re just bureaucrats.

The first line here isn’t even true:

The nonprofit Burbank Housing Corp. was established to buy, fix up and rent properties on Elmwood Avenue.

Workers planted thorny rose bushes and bougainvillea to prevent gang members from hiding weapons in the plants and installed a hard-to-scale fence blocking their escape route.

A gang unit established three months after the shooting was instrumental that year in obtaining a court order banning 88 gang members — with monikers like “Trigger Happy,” “Bam Bam” and “Creeper” — from gathering on the 100 block of West Elmwood Avenue.

The first name listed in court papers? Araujo’s attacker.

Burbank police officials say they’ll never allow the community to return to that level of violence.

Since when does the BPD make policy in town? Especially when it’s based upon their own dubious and cynical world view?

We knew as soon as the FBI and Justice Department stopped breathing down their necks that this town would quickly return to its old ways of doing business.  An article like this would never have come out while they were being investigated– they wouldn’t have dared. Their attorneys would have freaked if the BPD had gone to the press and admitted to a generalized antagonism towards “gangs,” because what they were in trouble about with the FBI revolved around such feelings.

Things aren’t that bad now either, and the BPD is only trying to excuse their own inability to patrol the neighborhoods. Crime attributed to gang members is a tiny percentage of what’s been going on in Burbank lately.

The City’s also hiding behind this b.s. in order to avoid admitting the inevitable consequence of their constant pro-growth development schemes. Someone also obviously wants to go in there and take over (for profit) these now desirable rental properties in those older neighborhoods. It’s urban renewal through ethnic and racial profiling.

Articles like this are clearly laying the groundwork for such exploitation. Let’s blame the fearsome Mexicans and make it easy:

“They still feel that this is their area. This is their hood, this is their property, this is where they want to be. So they come and wreak havoc.” Raha Arnold, asset manager of the Burbank Housing Corp…

“They still feel that this is their area,” Arnold said, noting that she recently evicted a family after a teenage boy violated house rules and brought a BB gun inside. “This is their hood, this is their property, this is where they want to be. So they come and wreak havoc.”

Since when is possession of a BB gun illegal? What kind of legal eviction is that? House rules? No wonder the ‘hood is pissed.

There’s no easy definition of gang crime.

No, apparently there is one.

It’s whatever the BPD says it is. Why else the salacious news article? Do they realize what an insanely stupid and contradictory comment that is to have made? They just spent several dozen column inches detailing such, at least in their own view and that of the Leader.











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4 responses to “The BPD’s now trying to blame “gangs” for its own inefficiency and incompetence

  1. Anonymous

    Trump would fit right in here.

  2. DixieFlyer

    Fun Times over at the Facebook site foolishly titled City of Burbank.

    Now a Burbank Fire Captain has publicly acknowledged that our Fire Department is SHORT handed, as well as our Police Department.

    Some of you may know that our worthless Shitty Attorney has done nothing to stop the use of the name by the family of Jess Tellamontes.

    The family “vets” who may Post or not.

    And guess who retired from BFD?

    • semichorus

      Actually, any Facebook user could file a complaint about this name-hijacking.


      I just checked it out. It’s clearly squatting on the city’s name, directly, and the COB could easily complain to Facebook about this to get them to change it to one a bit different, like “Friends of the City of Burbank” or something. There’s a clearcut trademark and name violation going on here, and it’s obviously intended to hijack onto the “official” one for attention. They’re also making it look like the City of Burbank has a closed group, which would be illegal. So their hijacking is highly misleading to the casual viewer.

      You can be damned sure that if “Semichorus” did such a thing on Facebook they would have clamped down hard– and immediately. My cybersquatting on the city’s name would not have been tolerated.***

      You’re right– Albano is seriously negligent here. I would think too that any resident of Burbank would have standing to go after these squatters in court as well, especially if multiple council members are going on there and garnering a consensus about whatever issues are of note.

      In a closed group? I don’t think so.

      I’m curious what they think they can do– as third parties they can engage in conversations that the city cannot? Because it’s illegal for the city to censor or block certain people from posting.

      I wonder too what Rogers thinks of this. He got rightfully pissed last year when someone directly hijacked his name for an anti-Rogers campaign site on FB, and he had it taken down. So he can’t have it both ways on this one. If one misrepresentation’s bad then they both are.

      God I wish I had that lotto payout. A cool couple million in attorneys fees would decimate this regime in court. It would be money well invested.

      ***Hmmm. Maybe I will. Let’s see what happens if SEMICHORUS sets up a FB page named directly after the City of Burbank. Especially one that’s derogatory.

  3. In 1992 someone was arrested and sent to prison on a stack of lies. Bullet traveled 186 yards coming out of a .22 calibur. Even prosecuting gun expert stated during in trial. This was not possible to do this kind of damage after traveling so far. The man they say was looking for freeway entrance, Was acutally 4 gang members, which were caught lying on stand about who was in car and intent as to why they were there. Bullet hole in window was a quarter of an inch, a .22 is the 3/8 of an inch.
    You do the math!

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