Sustainability Commission to consider lobbying the city council to join a UN regulatory group


Wonder how many six-figure staff employees it’s going to take to figure this one out…


Compact of Mayors_Definition of compliance EN.pdf

From tomorrow night’s agenda.

The council should probably stay away from this idea if and when it ever comes to them.


DISCUSS COMPACT OF MAYORS At its March 21, 2016, meeting, the Commissioners agreed to review the Compact of Mayors information distributed by Vicki Kirshenbaum and continue discussing whether or not to advise City Council on this item. Ms. Kirshenbaum agreed to provide the Commissioners with additional information on how the Compact of Mayors would benefit Burbank. The Commission may ask questions, provide feedback, or entertain a motion to make a recommendation to the City Council.


Not so innocuous, it’s really about City of Burbank compliance to outside norms:




In booster-ville towns like Pottersville Burbank, this will only mean that the “Compact” will be used to come up with lame excuses for more 21st-century! growth and development.

You know, utilizing the new technology and all that in service to lucrative remodeling and the tearing down of old buildings. It’s certainly not going to be used to turn the place into the Marin Highlands or some kind of conservation paradise, which is how this stuff is always being sold emotionally.

The term “building climate-resilient cities” for instance sounds like a great recipe for lots more permit-granting. After all, we’ll need to satisfy the Compact, won’t we?

Right staff? We can already hear it being cited now — just like “Burbank2035” is always being used as the reason why we need to approve some big mixed-use monstrosity that would have been unimaginable to people 20 years ago. If we tear down San Fernando Blvd maybe we can meet our UN targets for reduced heat consumption, yes.

Or whatever. Like tearing out that gas station and replacing it with a 9-story temple to the Cusumanos will just get us in under the wire. Even better.

And how is this all a “city” and “mayor” issue anyway?



So which way to Cucamonga?

You have to admit, it takes a certain perversity of mind to construct such an impenetrable graphic. It’s the exact opposite of lucid and elegant.

When things are this convoluted they rarely have meaning.



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One response to “Sustainability Commission to consider lobbying the city council to join a UN regulatory group

  1. DixieFlyer

    More warmth emanating from the Sustainability Folks.

    Lest we forget they were elevated to Commission status.

    Can any of you recall the Leadership position they have taken while the rest of have endured the Drought?

    Did they take a Public position on the Talapia Project that displaced so many long time residents?

    If you ran into them at a Burbank Supermarket would you recognize them?

    One? More than one?

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