Media ignores the Trump kids not having voted in previous elections


Chalk another one up for the corporate media. Not only has it gone out of its way now to refuse to challenge the two Trump kids about not being registered to vote in their own father’s election, it has also failed to ask them why they weren’t registered to vote in the first place, or when the last time was that they had ever voted in any state or federal election.

Because if they’d had regularly, they’d be registered.

Instead, all weekend the media figures on TV have been acting like voter registration in New York is something that you have to do before each and every election period, and that “Ivanka” and her brother were simply just too busy to do so this time.

Every interviewer on TV has actively allowed them to get away with this total and complete b.s. Even worse, this morning several commentators actually went out of their way to blame “the system” for making it difficult for those two to have registered to vote at the last minute (like most states, NY has a three-week registration deadline before an election. It’s not same day). Not one media person has thought to ask “Ivanka” about why she wasn’t registered to vote anyway.

So, the only real conclusion you can come to here is that,

a) these obscenely rich kids have no problem being hypocritically un-engaged in the political world around them, and,

b) that the corporate media has no problem with it either. They don’t even notice it.

Or perhaps it’s more like:

c) the corporate media protects the rich and so-called elite from too much scrutiny or political embarrassment.





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