Didn’t we tell you?




About the cliche?

The Leader just repeated it today.

More than half of Burbank Unified’s 11 elementary schools and nearly half of the 20 elementary schools in Glendale Unified earned Gold Ribbon Awards this year, state education officials announced this week.

The recognition goes to schools making progress in preparing students for 21st-century colleges and careers...

That phrase shows up everywhere. They just keep repeating it and repeating it — this educational boilerplate of a term that’s been totally driven empty of meaning by now.

Convenient though for justifying spending lots of 21st-century money on 21st-century gimmicks.


“California teachers are developing an education model for the nation, training the students of today to be the problem-solvers, inventors and pioneers of tomorrow,” state Supt. Tom Torlakson said in a statement.

What about “thinkers”?

Nope. It’s all about mechanics. Or, what’s most useful for that “21st-century” whatever that they’re always so, so concerned about. Like jobs and money.



(P.S. Check out the word cloud above. See what’s one of the smallest ones there?

That’s right. It’s the word “Literacy.” Ideas is close behind.)








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5 responses to “Didn’t we tell you?

  1. Anonymous 3

    Burbank Unified really lost a major asset when you retired as a janitor there.

    How they can find the strength to go on without you is a mystery to me.

    • semichorus

      Btw, right after I left in fact the place where I worked totally fell apart. There was a series of articles in the Leader back then (fall of 1992) about all the facility problems they were having right after the semester started, and the tons of parent complaints.

      Which the BUSD administrators then actually tried — in desperation — to blame on me. They knew how bad it looked for them, and I heard that it practically made their heads explode in front of people whenever I was asked about.

      The BUSD used to be a good school district, with a few problems here and there of course. But in the last 30 years it’s been a total and complete disaster. It’s just seething with dishonesty and incompetence, which I blame on the arrival of outsiders and crooked attorneys. It’s been well documented, too.

      So your point is what?

  2. chad

    So, since the teachers are soooooo great and setting the standard for the nation, we are going to be very cooperative in the next contract negotiation.

    • semichorus

      Right. We value our teachers so much that we usually hire outside lawyers to hard-ball negotiate with them at contract time.

      Or threaten to do so when they start to get too pesky in their demands. Why can’t they just be “collegial” like they’re supposed to be?

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