This is why the corporate whores always win


FireShot Capture 143 - Sanders_ 'No room' for language about_ - http___www.politico.com_blogs_2016


So let’s … apologize to them.



Expect an incredibly stupid Democratic debate tonight. The corporate media whores will be demanding that everyone in the world apologize about everything else in the world — thus effectively getting off the hook about the real bad guys of the world — and the Dems will actively participate in this phony umbrage and shame-fest.





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9 responses to “This is why the corporate whores always win

  1. Anonymous 3

    Did anyone watch Council last Tuesday? I hear Gordon was asleep for a good hour of it.

  2. Wurbl

    Saw the Cusumano protesters again today, the large “shame on you” sign also says labor dispute.

  3. DixieFlyer

    You called it, Dennis.

    The follower had no coverage of the labor dispute on Olive.

    They also neglected to advise the why of No Council Meeting.

    BIG picture on front page, however.

    Another puff piece on Editorial page for ASSembly Candidate.

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