Encouraging parental invasiveness



The best thing the BUSD could do is go out of its way to help eliminate all of this insane helicopter parenting.

But no.

Burbank educators and school board members combed through eight districtwide goals and many more subgoals during a lengthy meeting last week, and offered up suggestions to make progress on new and existing targets during the 2016-17 school year.

Burbank Unified, like all California school districts, is required to outline several goals each year as part of a requirement by state education officials who want teachers and parents to work together to create objectives fitting to their district.

Burbank Unified Supt. Matt Hill moderated the meeting last Thursday where Burbank High English teacher Diana Abasta suggested the district create specific meanings attached to grades to better explain to parents and students the grades earned on any one assignment or class.

If you’ve been out of the loop for the last 30 or 40 years or so — as have most people — you should know that parents these days get daily and often hourly updates on their children’s schoolwork. Which means that the kids can’t get them out of their hair long enough to learn any sense of personal independence or identity. They are always being monitored by the Man.

It’s sick, yes. We know. Too bad the institutionalists (and ruling MBA class) don’t.

They absolutely love it. Everything’s score-keeping with them — modern technology in service to ranking and accountability.

“Parents should know exactly what we’re trying to cover in class and the grades should also reflect that,” she said, adding that other school districts have adopted uniform language to explain all the skills — such as critical thinking — that a student uses to deserve an ‘A’ grade, and other letter grades.

“It’s hard when your child may be getting A’s all along…and [then] they don’t get that ‘A’. Why? It’s difficult, after the fact, but if our district says, ‘Here’s what an ‘A’ looks like,’ ‘Here’s what a ‘D’ looks like. Right now, the way we have it, ‘C’ is average. And no one wants to be average.”

How about here’s what grade-grubbing insanity looks like?

These schools are also big on “collaboration” now too, a topic which we’ll get into some day. It’s all like one big Rotary Club now in education.

Other suggestions among the participants included school board member Larry Applebaum proposing that all three of Burbank’s middle schools offer drama programs, instead of only John Muir Middle School, and board President Charlene Tabet pushing for additional music class offerings.

Good ideas.

For 1985. Which is about when the BUSD eliminated these arts programs in favor of teams and sports and junior high cheerleaders. For real. That was their big priority. The secondary schools all immediately trashed their brass and string instruments and threw them into empty storage closets. Many of us watched it happen in real time.

We’ve said it before:

Leave the kids alone. Leave them alone, leave them alone, leave them alone.






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  1. Anonymous 3

    Remind me: HOW many kids did you raise?

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