Speaking of absurd

The magical power of that high-powered local shill of a Jack O’Neill, eh? Apparently we’re now going to have an airport with two different names.

Bob Hope Airport officials are seriously considering adopting a new branding name to attract more passengers to the Burbank airfield. However, one state legislator is questioning the method by which the name is developed.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Glendale) said that he disagrees with the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Authority’s decision to contract with South Pasadena branding firm Anyone Collective to come up with a branding name to get the attention of travelers living east of the Colorado Rockies…

Fair enough. He’ll be missed on these things. He’s more than right.

Now how does this make sense.

The operations and development committee of the [airport] authority voted Monday to recommend to the full board that Hollywood Burbank Airport should be the branding name. The airfield’s legal name — Bob Hope Airport — will not change.

So what’s it going to be called then?

There’s something ass-backwards going on here, which the $75,000 they want to spend on that “Anything” or “Nowhere” collective or whatever it is in South Pasadena might help explain.

Which is, that you first have the name and then you turn it into a brand. There’s no such thing as a branding name with a different name. Oreos and Cheerios are both the brands and the names, not shadow names for something else.

Confused? You obviously haven’t worked on getting an MBA within the last 30 or 40 years. It’s the most stupid college degree in the world.

This “branding name” thing just came up last week btw when the Authority didn’t have the balls to drop Bob Hope from their old name in pursuit of something new. So now we have the airport with two names.

So do you still trust them with a new terminal?

Of course not. They obviously don’t know how to play straight about things, and don’t want to. Again, what is the airport going to be called?






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3 responses to “Speaking of absurd

  1. chad

    Forgive me but why would you pay a branding company with the name “Anyone Collective” to come up with a new name/brand for anything? How long did it take the owners of AC to come up with that moniker? Jayzuz. It sounds like something out the first, five-year plan of Stalin’s regime.

  2. chad

    What a great album.

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