Check this out


There’s a new blog in town that looks good.

We’re glad to see people starting to engage in the debate, especially when it comes to development issues. It’s about time. The problems we have now are the same as we had in the 1980s and 90s, except the money looks bigger.

The old crowd’s gone now too, and so we can no longer rely on someone else to do the lifting. No matter who comes and goes, the big-growth interests never rest. They might change as well — the faces and the figures –but the world they come out of stays the same. It’s about greed and self-interest.








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28 responses to “Check this out

  1. BURBANK Bill

    Just looked at the agenda for Tuesday?. There is literally ZILCH on there. How can this be?. Really NOTHING. Then yet another dark meeting after that. Lame

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe you could get a janitor job there

  3. Al in SoCal

    Would be great to know who or what organization is behind the blog. No sense for secrecy.

    • semichorus

      His name is right there. Did you not READ it?

      It doesn’t appear to be astroturfing.

      • Al in SoCal

        LOL – I still don’t see it – but I believe you. Glad he has his name – I’m sure at some point I’ll see it.

    • Al send me a message using our about page contact form, happy to answer any questions. I’m a longime semi reader and have posted with my own name (David Spell) I’ll be honest there will be times we might seem a bit pro development or pro city hall but my real goal is to get people talking more and get them involved in the process.

  4. CornFused

    Just took a glance at the new Blog link. I kind of like their idea of a new convention hall where Ikea is now. Parking issues need resolved…but that’s nothing new around here.

    • Al in SoCal

      I also like that idea.

      • Craig

        What a surprise! Liking an idea that generates more traffic and parking issues that would utilize parking belonging to someone else.
        Sounds just like the last stupid proposal at Third & Cypress.
        “Just use somebody else’s parking”.
        Fun. Fun. Fun.

        • Al in SoCal

          And your solution – I see you have NONE. Also please note: The “solution” of leaving it as a fallow field (undeveloped) doesn’t suffice in the world called: REALITY for a property across the street from the mall and our downtown commercial district.

    • Anonymous

      no way they’re tearing down Burbank bridge for 3 years. Good luck getting anywhere on that side of town.

      • Anonymous 3

        Oh, but they are. Likely to be down a year and a half.

      • Carmen

        Good point. Situation Awareness is not their forte.
        Reality still needs to receive consideration when endorsing any proposal.
        Especially when it’s not their money.

  5. And BTW thanks for the kind words and post Semi.

  6. Anonymous 3

    What a crock. You DESPISE debate. Whenever anyone disagrees with you here you tell them to go fuck themselves. Plus calling them ignorant assholes. Such debate.

  7. Anonymous

    How come you don’t print all comments. You are a coward. I’ve made great points and you won’t show them. You tell lies and get away with it. You are not accountable, you are really only a bully.

    • semichorus

      Bullshit. Not only do I print them, I respond to them. And when most people wouldn’t.

      Plus, you’ve never made a good argument for anything.

      I love these phony, post-Rogers critiques of dissent here in Burbank. They were false then and they’re false now. “Oh, look what those awful Berlins are doing now …”

      Guess it’s all that the shills and the defenders of the status quo have got.

  8. chad

    Most people realize Semi posts everything including the folks lying for whatever reasons. He will be quick to respond to those lies and accusations. Some of us pleaded to let Anon 3 keep posting as Semi was thinking about blocking him/her. He decided to let Anon 3 keep posting which I think is the right way to go. There are other blogs which routinely block posts and posters so say whatever you want about this blog and its author, people do get to say whatever they want.

    • semichorus

      I love how the critics of this blog always love to glom onto personality complaints rather than focus on the issues themselves.

      It does remind me of the old Rogerian days, when he (and others) would insist on claiming that so-and-so (McConkey, the Berlins, etc) was somehow personally inconsistent and hypocritical about their actions, rather than deal with the substance of their claims or criticisms.

      It was so dumbly evasive that I always wondered how they thought they could get away with it. Junior high level, really.

  9. Anonymous

    So true. All they ever do is rant about how you are wrong wrong wrong on EVERY single post.

  10. Anonymous

    When you are proven wrong you will not post !!! People need to know you really don’t want the truth out there

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