Back to the Future


The operations and development committee of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority unanimously voted to recommend to the board that Hollywood Burbank Airport should be the airfield’s new branding name…

Jack O’Neil, who represents the Hope family, continued to push for Bob Hope’s name to be in the branding name. He and the family are in favor of Burbank Hollywood Airport, but would like Bob Hope’s name placed in a smaller font size above the word Burbank.

Selvidge said he would like Hollywood Burbank Airport to be the formal branding name and would not mind if they incorporated Bob Hope’s name when they begin marketing the new title.

How would that work?







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7 responses to “Back to the Future

  1. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    COSTA MESA (CNS) – The biggest group home operator in Costa Mesa has
    agreed to shut down 33 sober living facilities in the city over the next few
    years, officials announced today.
    Solid Landings Inc. agreed to immediately close 15 facilities and will
    close 18 more over the next few years. The City Council voted 3-0 Tuesday to
    accept the settlement, which ends years of litigation, according to Mayor Pro
    Tem Jim Righeimer, who brokered the deal.
    “They thought they could beat this in court,” Righeimer told City News
    Service of Solid Landings’ legal strategy to knock down a city ordinance
    regulating the sober living facilities.
    “They’re starting to realize they may not win this thing and they’ve
    got a lot of long-term leases out there,” Righeimer said.
    The settlement allows the company to wind down leases it has with
    tenants of some of the sober living homes and resell the properties, Righeimer
    “The biggest win out of this is that we have the first ordinance in the
    United States of America that has made it through the courts” and survived
    constitutional challenges, Righeimer said.
    The city’s law survived because it allowed for the sober living
    facilities but added zoning regulations such as ensuring they are at least 650
    feet apart, meaning there’s only room for one in each neighborhood, Righeimer
    The ordinance also has provisions that ensure clients who flunk out of a
    program get back home, Righeimer said. Many of the clients are from out of
    state and would linger in the area if they got kicked out, Righeimer said.
    The Newport-Mesa area has one of the greatest concentrations of
    nightlife, entertainment and drinking establishments along with a cluster of
    sober living facilities. But about 85 percent of the occupants of the sober
    living facilities hail from out of state on average, Righeimer said.
    Solid Landings will maintain two counseling centers in the city, but
    they will not have clients living there, according to city spokesman Tony
    The city still has about 190 sober living facilities, which includes
    licensed and unlicensed group homes, Dodero said. That number includes the
    Solid Landings facilities.

    • semichorus

      Interesting. What these actually are you know are boarding houses for older males who have a bit of money, but not enough to get real apartments of their own, or the social structure to obtain roommates etc, from out of state. Sometimes they can wing it through disability or insurance if they can assert a sobriety problem.

      Many of them have no drinking or drug problem at all. It’s not like they’re court-installed probationers or something.

      That’s a HUGE number of houses. Wow. Goes to show that it’s the area, and not the “sober living,” which is the motive for being there.

  2. chad

    How much money did it cost to name the airport Bob Hope?

  3. chad

    So, what the hell. Let’s do it one more time with FEELING!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    They hate Burbank so much they put Hollywood first. Even the op eds in the LA Times made fun of anything but Burbank. The KFI hosts wouldn’t do the story because they wanted to keep this great jewel a secret. Nobody knows they want to tear it down.

    • semichorus

      Everybody on the outside likes the airport the way it is. I’ve been hearing this for years: “Don’t let them change that Airport!”

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