Glendale police are bringing prostitutes into the area (updated)

So who’s soliciting whom here?

The cops actually lure these people into town, get them to offer their services, and then arrest them. Then they have the audacity to get sanctimonious about it all.

Police busted five suspected prostitutes and a pimp in a series of vice stings this week on the heels — coincidentally — of the beating and robbery of a self-described prostitute at a Glendale motel, police said.

Undercover detectives initiated the undercover operations at two hotels and a motel after finding solicitation advertisements online, according to Glendale Police Sgt. Robert William.

Initiated is indeed the word for this crap.

At the Glen Capri Inn & Suites Thursday, 18-year-old Sitzi Sanchez was cited on suspicion of prostitution after offering to perform sexual acts in exchange for money, William said. A suspected pimp, identified as Luis Roberto Perez, was also arrested after police tied him to the room during surveillance.

Meanwhile, police cited two Monterey Park women — Juan Gu, 47, and Yao Quing Li, 53 — on suspicion of prostitution during two similar operations conducted at two massage parlors, Number One Smile Massage and Sunshine Massage.

“We are amping up our enforcement efforts and have zero tolerance for this,” William said, noting that one of the women told police she was visiting the Los Angeles area because it’s a more lucrative market than Northern California. “We are hoping these types of operations have some type of residual effects to the underlying problems in the underground world of prostitution, pimping and human trafficking.”

This isn’t “human trafficking.” Nice try there with the self-righteousness. Do they even know what that is?

The cops actually go out of their way to create these crimes. They go to these women to arrange for and have sex. They even bring them in for that purpose.

Has this country gone haywire?


Someone just pointed out that this site has some good advice:

Basically it boils down to just asking them to show you their pussies first before you start talking about any deal or communicate about anything. Or tell them that all you want to do is a photo shoot and that’s it. Cops can’t and won’t go for that.

If you’re the woman, ask them to pull out their dicks first and then let them do all the talking. It won’t happen if it’s most police agencies.

The Burbank police btw used to engage in illegal “virtue test” stings all the time back in the 1980s and 90s. They’d dress a female undercover cop up and send her into the back alleys to lure hapless guys into a phony solicitation charge. Just single people out for entrapment.

They used to do it all the time behind Des Reagans and Taco Bell on Magnolia. Especially during the late afternoon hours. They made it look obvious as hell, too.






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26 responses to “Glendale police are bringing prostitutes into the area (updated)

  1. Humanitarian

    Everyone in Burbank should be aware that Mayor Frutos has stolen a dog. With others heart broken and suffering the Mayor refuses to return the dog to its owners.

    • Dan

      Who’s dog did fruitloops steal and when did he steal it ? Fruitloops said the rose float cost us nothing ? How is that when the lady named police and all those city departments involved ? Try that again Mayor what does it really cost us ?

  2. Tim

    Watching the council show and where is the Rogers guy ? Why is that guy always late ?

    • Nancy

      Rogers is too good to sit and watch presentations to the police or anyone else. He is above almost everything and we need to vote him out next time around

      • semichorus

        I don’t blame him.

        I agree with old Ted McConkey on this, back when Ted was first elected, and when he found out that the city had spent almost $70,000 a year on the calligrapher’s bills for all of their proclamations.

        Ted said let’s get rid of all these phony presentations and honors ceremonies. He was right, too.

  3. chad

    Timmy, what’s on the menu tonight?

    • Tim

      Hi Chad I was eating Subway but I like quiznos so much better. Hey the idea is not if the Rogers likes things it’s that he was elected to the show so he should be there all the time. That’s what I think.

  4. Eileen

    Nothing surprises me about most of these council crooks but does anybody know why the mayor stole a dog ?

    • Anonymous 3

      Care to prove that Bob stole a dog?

    • Al

      Mayor Frutos looks sneaky but Semichorus do you know what is going in with the dog ?

      • Humanitarian

        The mayor took posession of a poor young dog who has now gone missing after the mayor took him from a dinner that was held by the Chamber of Commerce. There is now a great concern for the intentions of the mayor and ofcourse for the safety of this poor dog.

      • Anonymous

        It is with sadness and a broken heart to let you know we had to give the puppy back to our friend who gave her to us due to FPPC Gift regulations that apply to me. We are very sad as the puppy is so sweet and adorable, Laura and I fell in love with her, however we had to do the right thing. We are confident our friend will take good care of the puppy. We thank her so much.

        • semichorus

          They can accept presents. They could also buy it from the donor as well.

          Friends can still give gifts unless they are registered lobbyists with the city or have pending business with it. They’re excluded from the restrictions/limitations and don’t even need to be reported.

          If this is for real, Frutos is getting bad legal advice from someone.

  5. Anonymous

    The newest member of the Bob Frutos Family. The Mayor and the First Lady have been wanting a new dog and look what was given to them from Saturday nights Chamber Gala. Live Auction and a good friend was the highest bidder. Now isn’t she cute.

  6. Anonymous

    I guess trying to do a good deed in Burbank goes no where. You can find a reason to make a big deal out of nothing. The dog is fine and in a good home

    • semichorus

      Frutos is allowed to keep gifts from friends who don’t have financial business in front of the city.

      State and federal law does not prohibit this. If some city code does, it’s ludicrous.

      Like … what about Christmas….?

  7. Cynthia

    Self proclaimed humanitarian posted bullshit.
    No dog was stolen.

  8. Anonymous

    You makeup so much shit semi. And use fake names. Really ? Do you ever get facts before you post your stupidity. The funny thing is, you really don’t even know what’s going on in Burbank. Why don’t you do some homework and make this blog legit. Then maybe you can get some respect. Right now all you are is a joke.

  9. Sounds like the police haven’t got the memo, nor have they heard what’s going on with LAPD, or the Oakland police, or even Joohon David Lee, that some of these women are being forced to be out there BY police! I know I was. If you need help to get out of sex work, and you can’t call the cops – get ahold of us at and we can help.

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