How “successful,” and how “necessary”?


Tomorrow night staff also wants the council members to re-approve the city’s Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID), this time for a 10-year period.

What’s a TBID you say? Good question.


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Just how successful is it?

Staff never says. Instead, they try to credit this TBID with, among other things, more hotel building in town. Which could not be more ludicrous or dishonest. (If true, it also shows that we obviously don’t need a TBID in Burbank!)

And who pays for this TBID assessment district in particular, which is similar to the old Magnolia Park staff-led PBID that the merchants down there overwhelmingly rejected a few years ago?

Not the hotel owners.


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No wonder they like it. That’s because the guests are the ones who are paying for it, as a surcharge on their room rates.


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Those are all individual booster groups dedicated to their own benefit. More power to them. They all do their own thing, and it obviously works. But neither they nor we need a useless, no-account, city led “TBID” lobbying bureaucracy with such a vague prospectus. Those guys are enough — it’s not like we’re Visalia or something where there’s nothing going on.

Obviously, the city council tomorrow night should reject this one straight out. Again, what has it ever done? The only stuff we’ve seen come out of their hands is always pretty dorky. They make Burbank look like Visalia.

And where’s their accounting?













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11 responses to “How “successful,” and how “necessary”?

  1. Anon

    “Again, what has it ever done? The only stuff we’ve seen come out of their hands is always pretty dorky.”

    Pretty big stone to be throwing from your glass house?

    • semichorus

      You’re as stupid and ignorant and dishonest as can be. Go fuck yourself.

      I’m also not costing the hotel guests a million dollars a year, asshole.

      Where do you people come from? You’re all a perfect example of everything I’m talking about when it comes to Burbank. It’s such trash- and idiot-ville these days.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like the natives are getting restless, eh semi?

  2. Anonymous

    Must be where they put some of the redevelopment people.

    • semichorus

      Exactly. The TBID is a make-work program for some of the CRA people that Burbank refused to get rid of after Jerry Brown and the Dems finally axed their agency.

      Really disgusting. And again, what the HELL do they do? Almost a million dollars a year and what to show for it?

  3. Wurbl

    I don’t know where to ask about this, but this morning there were 4 or 5 people in front of the Cusumano building holding a big sign saying “shame on you Chuck Cusumano”. Any idea what that was about?

  4. chad

    Need to find out about the protesters at Cusumano building.

    • Jerry

      The cost of things is a problem and lets be honest this just makes rooms cost more and for what ? I mean come on now costs get passed on to the consumers and I would rather get a better deal then some slick advertising crap.

  5. As doctor Gordon pointed out, I think it’s unfair that 3 (or was it 4) of the hotels who don’t want to participate are going to pay out of pocket for this. BS.

  6. chad

    Let’s also consider the cruel fate that awaits the Media District and Burbank, Toluca Lake when Hogwarts opens. This whole part of town and the Cahuenga Pass are officially screwed. How about major AirBnB going on at Talaria when it’s completed to accommodate the tourists who now want to come to Harry’s World?

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