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At least Craig Sherwood at MyBurbank is making an effort to find out more about this case. It’s too bad he’s being misinformed.

On March 12, 2016, the Burbank Police Department began investigating the sexual abuse of a 16 year-old Burbank resident. The juvenile reported that in February 2016, she met an adult male, via a social media application on her phone and the two subsequently agreed to meet at the juvenile’s residence in Burbank, where they engaged in “consensual” sex…

Burbank Police Detectives worked with the Hanford Police Department on the execution of arrest and search warrants for [Arnold] McGovern and his residence in Hanford. The warrants were served by Burbank PD Juvenile Detectives with the assistance of Hanford PD on March 31. Investigators seized the suspect’s phone, computers and other digital evidence.

McGovern was booked into the Kings County Jail on several charges, including having sex with a minor, sexual penetration of a minor, contact with a minor for the purpose of lewd and lascivious behavior with a prior sex crimes conviction and for contacting and meeting a minor for the purpose of sexual contact. McGovern will appear in court next week in Kings County for extradition proceedings, which will lead to his arraignment in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Extradition is for interstate rendition, where they have to ship someone out of state for a crime that occurred somewhere other than California. Or vice versa. That’s not what’s going on here — it’s not called that.

So why are they calling it that? Unless he has a right to a bail hearing, which at this point as a probationer is doubtful, all they have to do is drag him to LA.

The guy also (customarily) has to be arraigned within two days. That is, unless he’s being charged with something specific to his home county residence, in which case his arraignment in LA could be delayed.

So what’s going on here? Did the BPD actually tell Sherwood that the guy needed to be extradited?

The only thing we know is that the cops aren’t playing straight with the press. One possibility is that he is either being arraigned on the child-sex computer accusations/probation violations in the home county (likely) and they’re holding off on the more serious charges for LA/Burbank, or the LA prosecutors are waffling on the biggest of the accusations.

It makes no sense that they would delay the original charges in favor of some home county computer accusation, especially since they admit they haven’t done a full forensic on all his devices.

Our theory? The DA here is still demanding more concrete evidence for the actual sex charges from Burbank. The police will never admit this though, especially in their PR statements to the press.

Again, there’s excellent information here on how this stuff works.

Some additional questions. Yes, we know how rude and deeply inappropriate it is for anyone to be asking such things. Too bad.

1. Why did the police need to get search warrants on a probationer, especially for a suspicion of engaging in similar crimes? If the guy’s out on sex crimes, the probation officer could just go in and grab his computer and cellphones.

2. How do you just meet someone on a social media application on a phone? What does that even mean?

You can see why we never get on jury duty, yes.






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