Lost in the shuffle



Or perhaps conveniently ignored?

Remember “The Stack”? When Lockheed left behind the old B1 site that later became the Empire Center, the whole town was in an uproar about how toxic the land was. They spent years “remedying” the place in preparation for future projects.

Now we’ve been hearing a lot about the old B6 manufacturing lot lately, but — except for Mike Nolan asking a question or two over the last few years– there’s been little or no public discussion about the supposed remediation efforts that are going on over there.

Any EIR and environmental studies attached to the area — including the adjacent “replacement terminal” site –must take into consideration the inherent toxicity of the underlying property. So where are they, and where is the same kind of community concern that we had 20 years ago just a mile away?

To be specific, we’ve seen nothing like this about B6. And the land will soon be developed. Or even studies about arranging for such a study?

Now this old chart came from a Burbank2035 brochure listing, buried deep within:

FireShot Capture 126 - - http___www.burbankca.gov_home_showdocument_id=23550
Again, what’s the agreed-upon remediation effort for B6? As well as the adjacent property still owned by the Authority. Both the public and the council members need to be able to factor it in as part of their ultimate decisions about these properties.

Any truth either to the old rumor that there are underground bunkers on these lots that were once used to store nuclear material, including (at one time) actual weapons for quick military access to the airport, in case of need?

Too bad they can’t “remediate” it to look like this again, eh? Even if it was a sham.


It looks a helluva lot better than Walmart. Old news accounts too say that this was done by Warners, not Disney.



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3 responses to “Lost in the shuffle

  1. Widow of a 35 year Lockheed Man.

    Sometimes, semi, you ring bells loud and clear.
    Mr. Nolan has reminded us several times that the Lockheed Co. was ordered by a Judge to allow the Airport Authority “the Right of immediate possession” on the B-6 property.
    All the remediation measures were “ordered” discontinued.
    At that time the private lawyers were lining up clients for their gains.
    Mike knew the Defense Department was in full support of Lockheed cleaning up the contamination, due to his involvement in Superfund.
    As for the bunkers, they are still there.

  2. chad

    The site should declared an historical landmark. Then no development.

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