The corporate media is allowing right-wing opponents of a woman’s right to choose to ridiculously lie about the consequences of an illegal abortion



Yesterday we wrote about how insane it was for people to try to impale Donald Trump for being the only GOP candidate who was honest enough to admit (under duress, during a hostile interview) that a woman who chooses to break the law might have to suffer some consequences for their action. It was one of the few times that Trump was being logical and consistent.

Except for Hillary Clinton last night — who correctly claimed that making abortions illegal would instantly make criminals of both the physician and the woman — few public figures seem to have picked up on this fact.

Instead, media figures have been running to the various “right to life” spokesmen all day to allow them to engage in the most absurdly condescending and legally insupportable positions about female patients being the “victim” of a murdering class of “government supported abortion clinics” and the like.

As the vessels of creation, the position of the woman in this medical procedure is seen as inviolate. As such, these foes of a woman’s right to choose have carved a convenient exception into the rules that gets the “innocent” female patient completely off the hook. And they’re apparently getting away with it, at least in the eyes of corporate journalists.

To the media today, Cruz and Kasich are both OK on this topic. But Trump’s the one who’s gone off the rails. It’s “incredulous” what he’s been saying, etc. etc.

But life doesn’t work that way. It’s also a canard, because this ridiculous right-wing relabeling of a logical and legal certitude is just a blatant PR and political stunt that’s designed to get these phony, soft-soaping anti-abortion laws through the fence if and when Roe v Wade is ever overturned.

Isn’t it too bad then that no one in the corporate media is scrutinizing this apparently official GOP and conservative position on what will happen if abortion is outlawed by the states? Let alone is able to detect the hypocritical inanity behind trying to indemnify the contracting patient to the now-illegal service.

Again, only Clinton gets it right: it’s not just Trump, it’s all of them. The whole GOP. Make no mistake, if abortion becomes illegal, both the doctor and patient become criminals.


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One response to “The corporate media is allowing right-wing opponents of a woman’s right to choose to ridiculously lie about the consequences of an illegal abortion

  1. Al in SoCal

    Trump forgot a golden rule for GOP candidates – to never … ever … publicly disclose what their true goals are. Of course there will be consequences and punishment for having an illegal abortion.

    Look what’s happening already – a woman forced (YES FORCED) to take a dying baby to term and have it still-born in TX because the hospital could do nothing without breaking their absurd religious-based laws.

    There are some abortion foes who actually care about life, but for many (men) this is just another way to control women.

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