Why is Trump the only GOP candidate who’s telling the truth about the consequences of breaking anti-abortion laws?


And why is he the only one who’s being forced by the media to confront the topic head on?

Anti-abortion activists are clearly playing games if they think that making abortion illegal will not have consequences on those women who choose to go ahead and have one. Both Cruz and Kasich are full of crap to be saying right now that, “Of course there won’t be punishment for women who have abortions…”

Oh yeah? How else will they enforce the law? They both want to make abortions illegal for most women.

Only Trump is being consistent here. The media of course is not only completely ignoring the other two’s subterfuge and idiocy, they are then trying to make it sound like Trump wants to throw everyone in jail who’s had an abortion.

Anti-abortion activists can’t have it both ways, and the American people need to realize that the Republicans mean business when it comes to outlawing abortion. Only Trump is telling the truth here about their position. But you won’t be hearing it from the corporate news media. They’re letting the other two off the hook.

And now you have “Pro-Life” groups “condemning” Trump for his comments about “punishment” for breaking abortion laws? What lying hypocrites they are. There is now way in hell that the willing contractual party to an abortion (the woman) is going to be completely indemnified from punishment. The courts would never uphold such a law, and the GOP is lying about the legitimacy of such an exception.

Is that how they want to get it through? No ladies, you won’t get in trouble if we outlaw abortion and you happen to get one.

Once again Trump has revealed the sodden, soiled underbelly of modern GOP politics, and the media just heads for the hills. It’s obviously all about personalities for them.

This is not what he did, btw. From AOL:


FireShot Capture 125 - AOL - News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment
He didn’t “call” for anything.








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9 responses to “Why is Trump the only GOP candidate who’s telling the truth about the consequences of breaking anti-abortion laws?

  1. chad

    I really enjoyed how Trump put Chris Matthews on the spot asking him about his own views on abortion since he is a practicing Catholic. Matthews said he accepts the teaching of his Church on moral grounds but that the discussion was about the LAW!!! Yet, Matthew’s criticism of Trump’s opinion, saying women would be legally punished, was not on legal grounds but on moral grounds. I find Matthews to be such an arrogant camera hog. That puts him in pretty vast company I suppose.

    • semichorus

      Yes. I don’t like Trump, but I detest Chris Matthews. He’s just as much of a little kid as Trump.

      There’s no way a practicing Catholic can reconcile the two positions either. He accepts the the authority of the Church, yet believes abortions should be allowed. That means he doesn’t accept the authority of the Church.


      Matthews pushed an unwilling Trump into concluding that “illegal” abortions have to be punished. And yet, he fails to commit the other two candidates to the same position. Instead, he and the rest of the media let them both waffle about “women being the victims” bla bla bla “the doctors are the murderers” bullshit — which is both insulting and legally absurd.

      Only Hillary had it right last night: the GOP is ALL bad. They’re all the same on this issue.

      The one thing that’s revealing about this is that the new right-wing plank on abortion is how women are now considered to be merely the innocent vessels of creation, and thus they have no agency in the matter. It’s all the murdering doctor’s fault instead.

      This is obviously the new propaganda line to get these anti-abortion laws into play, and it is total and complete bullshit. You won’t get punished ladies, so don’t worry.

      Trump obviously didn’t know that going into the interview. He does now.

      All day today the media’s been buying into this phony distinction, against Trump, and it’s disgusting. They’re just so fucking stupid.

  2. Carol

    If a law is passed there is always a punishment for breaking the law. The question that Trump was asked was regarding if there would be consequences for having an abortion if abortion became illegal. He gave the truthful answer but what he did not do was say I PLAN TO BAN ABORTION. He answered a what if question and he answered it honestly. On the other hand Cruz avoided the question while he attacked Trump for his answer. What a turd Cruz is. The media is absolutely afraid of Trump and it is because he tells the truth and they never seem to be able to tell the truth about anything.

    • semichorus

      Matthews pushed him into an answer, I agree. Trump didn’t want to be too pronouncing about it.

      Yet, this morning the talk show people were all claiming that Trump wants to “jail” women who get abortions.

      That was such a lie– it was MATTHEWS who said that, not Trump. Trump tried to avoid being too specific. And the media as a whole is being stupid about the position of the other two.

      Only Hillary last night said it straight, to Rachel Maddow: both women and doctors would be responsible for breaking the law if abortions are made illegal. And it’s absurd for anyone to claim otherwise.

      Trump was playing straight about the issue, and under duress. The other two are LYING about the consequences of an “illegal” abortion.

      And I’m no Trump supporter.

  3. Jan

    They are telling lies but then in my humble view Cruz lies about just about everything. How about his lies that Cason had dropped out of the campaign so vote for me ?

  4. Anonymous

    Actually Trump is the only candidate telling the truth about a whole lot of things Semichorus

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