They say that travel is broadening

Apparently nothing’s changed much if this is still Burbank’s newest angel-that-wasn’t. Same look, same Twitter handle, same attitude.

Different state.











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14 responses to “They say that travel is broadening

  1. Anonymous

    Who is she ?

  2. DixieFlyer

    While that’s being filtered, have you heard the one about “In-N-Out “?

    Board’s and Commission’s fare last PM.

    BIG time embarrassment for City of Burbank.

    Shuffle time over reading names by VIPs.

    Who gets the credit?

    Who gets the blame?

  3. Anonymous

    Fits right in for a diner in a garage.

  4. Al in SoCal

    Let me guess – is she supporting Donald Trump? She’s got all the “qualities” – definitely not about to give in to the PC crowd.

    • Anonymous

      sounds to me like she has got the BERN

      • Al in SoCal

        Nah … comments 3 and 4 discount any Bernie supporters. “Feeling the Bern” means distribution of wealth not screwing over the cabbie. Trump however … different story … different and subpar supporters.

  5. Anonymous

    So many people are just plain stupid

    • Al in SoCal

      At least nobody’s been physically bashed at a Hillary speech. It’s wonderful watching as the majority sadly slide into minority status. I could put up a video of racists and toothless losers at a Trump convention .. but why when we can see what they think right here on this comment board.

      Can’t wait until Election Day and a 20 to 30 point Trump loss. I’m hoping for mass suicides.

  6. chad

    I hope you’re right Al and glad you kept that policy in place Semi.

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