Say hello to your BPD Community Academy

FireShot Capture 123 - BurbankPD (@BurbankPD) I Twitter - https___twitter.com_burbankpd


Helping to keep us safe. The guy with the gun on the left is especially reassuring.

This picture reminds us of an old awards ceremony we witnessed one Tuesday night at a council meeting not too many years ago. The mayor was handing out congratulatory plaques to some kind of city disaster-preparedness committee, and every single recipient sitting there in the front row had to have been at least 70 pounds overweight.

Those people wouldn’t have been able to make it to the frigging door in time, let alone rally the place together in the event of an emergency.



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12 responses to “Say hello to your BPD Community Academy

  1. Anonymous

    Freak show. Who is that wizardly looking bum, Grandfather Mersola?

  2. chad

    Hold on now. Is that Karl Marx next to the guy with the gun?

  3. Anonymous

    Why are you judging on what people look like. You are uglier than all of them

    • semichorus

      Sorry, but I’m not fat, not out of shape, not bald, not old looking. Young women still notice me and treat me with interest (at least they do when they’re not on their cellphones — no one looks at anyone these days anyway). The older ones do if they like my type. Many do.

      Most of these people in the picture (by contrast) look like they couldn’t handle trouble if it called them out by name. So go fuck yourself.

      An old North Hollywood High friend of mine from years and years ago had a great comment about Burbank. She’s always wanted to know:

      a) Why Burbank people always get fat when they age,


      b) Why Burbank people always marry other Burbank people

      Good questions. The “Land of the Green Signs…”

  4. DixieFlyer

    For those looking for your illustrious City Council–FORGET IT,
    They are previously engaged for the evening with our hard working Board and Commissioners.

    Maybe the follower in their Society Manner will have PHOTO’s????

    Now, the question is what level of Moron picked Tuesday Night for their soiree?

    We will find out eventually, but it’s OK to have fun tonight.

    What rank gets the credit for thumbing their nose (s) at the People?

  5. Anonymous

    That cheesy thing u call a ponytail ? U have no hair and are fat. You live in the past. You need a mirror

  6. Anonymous

    Nuts and best guess they are feeling the Bern and voting for the socialist among us.

  7. Dianne

    See how boring things are on Tuesday without the Council Show?
    Quizno’s lost money as did Subway.
    What did Dave Parolli and Mike Nolan do last night?

  8. Anonymous

    This is the Bern crowd, Diane could clean her inner ecology

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