Hate to say it, but Trump’s totally right about this (updated)



It’s baffling why left-wing Trump haters are pointing to the above video as absolute “proof” that the Trump campaign is completely out of control. It may be in general, but the video in question actually shows the exact opposite. Everything Trump is saying about the incident is true.

The female reporter in question is clearly going up to Trump to question him about something or another, or worse. The campaign manager — who is talking to someone else at the time — immediately notices this and swings around to try to pull her away from the candidate. He’s also pulling and pushing other people away from Trump.

She doesn’t fumble and she doesn’t almost “fall to the ground.” Instead, she proceeds to immediately get back in the line of people who are chasing Trump down the rampway even more.

Tonight Chris Hayes on MSNBC completely lied about how this campaign manager was “arrested” for the incident. He started his show off with this claim. But Trump’s guy wasn’t, and Hayes’ own network even had a legal expert on just hours earlier who went out of her way to explain why this wouldn’t be the case (he got a misdemeanor notice to appear instead).

After he lied, Hayes then turned around and had the audacity to hassle a Trump spokesman about why they were all lying about the incident.

The moral here? Don’t trust TV liberals.

In fact, don’t trust anyone on TV, period. They’re not working for the rest of us.

All day this video was being described on the box without anyone even beginning to ask the basic question of just why the campaign guy had touched her in the first place. We noticed this omission from the very beginning. Why’d he touch her? They made it sound like he’d singled her out for abuse.

A quick look at the video easily explains the reason for their overall lack of curiosity: it’s because the answer to this basic question would have blown the phony storyline that they all wanted to sell.

There’s plenty of reasons to be against Trump, but this isn’t one of them.


It’s really astounding to see both the corporate media and the supposedly “liberal” commentators continuing to lie about this issue. Such as this from Digby today in the lede to her Salon piece:

Yesterday we were treated to the spectacle of Donald Trump’s campaign manager being arrested for misdemeanor battery of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

No, we weren’t. The guy was never arrested. It didn’t happen. All he got was a misdemeanor summons where he ‘s ordered to report to the court in about a month or so. Simple battery is not an arrestable offense in Florida.

Yet, the lies and exaggerations continue. Just why is that? Yesterday afternoon MSNBC had a Florida attorney on who carefully spelled out exactly what the issue was and how it would proceed. She stressed that there was no arrest involved. She also didn’t think it would result in a conviction. But just two hours later, each one of the nighttime MSNBC commentators began to trumpet their broadcasts with the claim that the guy had been “arrested” for battery against this female reporter.

And when you look at the video carefully — which no one on TV has done — you can see that this campaign manager is simply trying to shoo everyone away from Trump as he’s leaving the floor. It wasn’t just her. She was also clearly lying about the extent of what he had done.

You’re also not hearing about this little problem for the accusers: unwanted touching is not battery if there’s a good reason for it. They’re also lying about the reporter being “fired” from Breitbart. She and a fellow editor quit in protest because they didn’t think the employer was supporting her enough.

Big difference.

Trump is hardly someone who’s easy to defend. But when the press paints themselves into such a ridiculous corner — and then tries to arrogantly and self-righteously lie their way out of it — who can you trust?














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5 responses to “Hate to say it, but Trump’s totally right about this (updated)

  1. Anonymous 3

    Trust you to come to the defense of the misogynists.

    • semichorus

      Hardly. There’s plenty of things to get Trump on. This isn’t one of them.

      Misogyny, yes. That must explain why I covered the Danielle Baez case as sympathetically as I did. Go fuck yourself.

  2. DixieFlyer

    Here we go again.

    These nimrods don’t get it that we don’t need to agree ALL the time.

    This blog gets plenty of folks THINKING.

    More will come about this “crime”.

    The knee-jerk reaction of some media is typical.

    You had to love the “readers” on MSNBC contradicting one another.

    Take a look at today’s follower. Take another look.

    See it didn’t take long did it?

    What about last night?

    What about the poo-bahs and their dinner?

    25% of the front page devoted to PASADENA?

    Today’s follower. NOT Community News from BURBANK anymore.

    • semichorus

      I know, I so hate the corporate media these days. They’re just so biased as to whatever the company line is at the time (the prevailing script), and — worse — they’re totally incompetent.

      This MSNBC crap is really astounding. Chris Matthews today drills Trump about not avoiding the question of what will happen to women if they violate proposed anti-abortion laws– because the anti abortion people can’t have it both ways — and then they all REFUSE to confront the other two candidates about the very same question! Instead, they let them both get away with ridiculously dishonest waffling.

      The idea too that only “abortion providers” will be prosecuted (apparently the new line now) is preposterous. Even if Roe v Wade were overturned, such laws indemnifying the other active contractual agent in the crime would never hold up in court.

      Women would indeed be punished for the crime of abortion, and only Trump’s being honest enough to admit the possibility. And I don’t even like the guy!

      They also keep talking about how Trump’s campaign guy was “arrested.” Still.


  3. Anonymous

    Wasn’t Councilmember Rogers arrested and also convicted ? Maybe these people should be calling for him to be removed since he was after all convicted while the guy they are after has only been accused so far and not convicted at this point.

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