The Central Branch is always closed on Sundays. Just a reminder

And just why is that?

Only in Burbank could they keep the main library closed, but the branch one open.


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There’s no good explanation for this.

Oh, wait a minute. Yes there is.

The Central Branch is located in the lower income multi-residential part of Burbank, while the Buena Vista branch is where all the white people live in houses. 

You know, that “traditional” Burbank population that the school district was so worried about accommodating a few years ago.







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18 responses to “The Central Branch is always closed on Sundays. Just a reminder

  1. DixieFlyer

    No Bus Service to Buena Vista Branch Library. OPEN

    Multiple Lines serve Olive & Glenoaks for “Central” Library. CLOSED

    Someday they may, or may not, explain it to the Customers.

    • semichorus

      Yes– and that was brought up back then as well. Staff once again lied about the bus line availability. Quite mockingly, too, as I remember. There was one two blocks away that came by like once an hour. And that’s when it wasn’t pulled.

      Golonski was actually against this favoritism. He got them to promise a “six month review,” as well as an assurance that the money would be found to keep them all open on Sundays.

      Never happened. As always, G failed to keep them honest. He never pursued the issue.

      I love bringing this topic up all the time because it’s the perfect example of how chickenshit this town can be when allowed. There’s no excuse for this blatant favoritism.

      • Anonymous 3

        Gordon has failed you AGAIN.

        • semichorus

          Happened long before Gordon was there.

          • Anonymous 3

            It is still happening and Gordon has done NOTHING about it.

            • Al in SoCal

              Dr. Gordon has NEVER been a mass transit supporter. When he first got there he was complaining about the costs of Burbank Bus ….

              There really hasn’t been a real mass transit supporter since Marsha Ramos was our rep on the Metro board. She pushed for more metro service through Burbank in less traveled areas that Burbank Bus did not service.

              • semichorus

                I think he was complaining about the costs of the ride, not just the total expense. He saw it as a useless service for most people — which it is. It’s weighted in favor of the Media District commuters and airport.

                You’re right about Ramos. Bric wasn’t bad either.

  2. Edith

    She wouldn’t know.
    You won’t get a library card, unless you apply.

  3. chad

    I was struck by the homeless man who came to the council meeting. The guy grew up in Burbank. It hurts. This shouldn’t happen but it does all the time.

    • Anonymous 3

      There is no absolute cure for poverty.

    • Al in SoCal

      Well Chad, let’s hope he didn’t want to have a shelter here in Burbank because let’s all remember how that proposal went. Burbank residents don’t like the homeless, they don’t like rehab facilities, they don’t like day laborers – they don’t like people that aren’t like them.

      • Claire

        al in soCal is certainly one to know that people don’t like him.
        That didn’t require much reflection.
        His bias against Dr. Gordon prevented him from following comments about the limitations on Public Transit to our different libraries.
        Mass Transit is not what’s missing–it’s common sense that’s absent.

        • Al in SoCal

          Some people maybe. =)

          As if there aren’t PLENTY of folks here that dislike Dave Golonski – LOL.

          Claire – let me guess – over a certain age, Republican for no reason other than the dislike you have of your fellow humans? Bet you recognized from my post your disdain for the homeless, the rehab facility the day laborers and really hated to be called out for it?

          Well – apologies for putting all of your dislikes on the board for everyone to see.

          • Claire

            Where to begin?
            Conclusionary as par usual..
            Volunteer work at St. Charles Catholic Parish.
            Unfortunate that the nun’s wanted $$ at the Day Labor Center..
            Your blind support of Not Yet Gonski fit rather well.
            Love this City of Burbank and welcome Semichorus’s stimulation of thought where blind allegience is not a requirement to share.

            • Al in SoCal

              Blind allegiance is at every city council meeting with the Tuesday night folks. Have you ever disagreed publicly with them? You get childish boos and hisses – akin to a snake pit.

              Your elementary-school name calling is quite telling. “Not Yet Gonski” – and all I see is the followers and their savior Dr. Gordon who has done absolutely zilch to help anyone – but “he tries”.

              As for your work at the Parish, I can only make guesses at what that constitutes – shaming women as they walk into women’s health clinics? No, maybe it’s marching against gay marriage?

              If you didn’t want a blast-laden back and forth, perhaps you shouldn’t have started with “al in soCal is certainly one to know that people don’t like him” – says LOTS about your faith-based personality.

              • semichorus

                How you feel about the issues? You know, the SUBSTANCE of the debates?

                Oh yeah, like everyone else in town, it’s only about the personalities and how they speak/act/look.

                Talk about Jr High level.

  4. chad

    Incredibly, the guy had a lot of dignity.

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