Again, don’t blame the law. Blame the exploiters


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Although we know it’s tempting to blame the rule-makers for this latest debacle, that’s not the problem at all.

The laws behind this actually make sense. They mean well. What happens though is that rapacious investment combines from all over (such as the above, in Burbank) are exploiting these good-faith allowances in order to get a big payoff. It’s a damned cynical racket it is, and you find it everywhere these days. 

You’re never of course going to hear this fact from any of the interested parties. They always blame the wrong people, and on purpose.

Why? Because by deflecting the blame it gets them off the hook. They want you to think instead that it’s government’s that’s baaaddd

Burbank residents were faced with the sobering reality on Thursday that city officials cannot do much to prevent or regulate small group homes, including sober-living facilities, operating in the city.

More than 40 residents gathered in a meeting room at the Community Services Building and heard city officials and an attorney explain that state and federal regulations limit any actions a local agency can take against such facilities.

Barbara Kautz, an attorney specializing in land-use law who was hired by Burbank in 2014 to clarify the city’s housing definitions, told residents that, in most cases, the city must treat licensed and unlicensed group homes the same way it treats single-family homes.

This is due, in part, to the federal Fair Housing Act, which prohibits housing discrimination based on disability, ethnicity or other criteria, Kautz said.

Good laws.

And so — as the assholes always will — let’s try find a way to make some money off of them.

Remember, it’s not “government” that’s to blame here. It’s business.

As it often is.







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2 responses to “Again, don’t blame the law. Blame the exploiters

  1. Anonymous

    Barb has been sucking the tit of government for 2 years studying housing to tell us our hands are tied. She’s also working on the definition of family the air B and B ordinance and the housing element to the general plan.

  2. DixieFlyer

    Various Cities are filing objections to State, Federal and Regional mandates relative to housing in different shapes and forms.

    In some cases the actual numbers are made-up to “enforce” specific numbers of units to “be constructed”.

    Some numbers were wrong ten years ago, and SCAG types are still attempting to hammer Cities with them anyway.

    The population projections should always be vetted for accuracy.

    These clowns still argue the numbers, even though 10 years ago their projections were soooo bad that they still aren’t met???

    Housing requirements should be REASONABLE and Achievable.

    Unreasonable “mandates” undermine genuine efforts to accommodate various interests in a balanced manner.

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