Teaching Burbank our way

Every few years or so we like to remind people — regular people, meaning the actual residents of Burbank — about the existence of this well-funded business lobbying group.

The one that masquerades as an educational organization.


FireShot Capture 121 - About Leadership Bu_ - http___leadershipburbank.org_about-leadership-burbank_


FireShot Capture 119 - Course Overview - http___leadershipburbank.org_course-overview_


What do you want to bet that their notion of “social justice” does not include positive discussions about rent control or a living wage. Or how to get either one.

And how many of these folks actually live in Burbank?


FireShot Capture 120 - About Leadership Bu_ - http___leadershipburbank.org_about-leadership-burbank_

All of them (with but one exception that we can see) come from institutions that have major business or financial dealings with the city.  It’s a carnival of self-interest there.

Instructing us of course “through real-world tutorials.”












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8 responses to “Teaching Burbank our way

  1. Anonymous

    Producing pod people for the Wal-Mart era nu-white trash Burbank. Makes one pine for Stacey Murphy with a nose full of toot and a loaded Glock, reading her kids a bedtime story . . .

  2. Doug

    Marketing, Bob Hope Airport = Sugars.
    Any relation to
    Public Relations, City of Burbank = Sugars?

  3. chad

    I guess you could say that conflict of interest is the “real world” and therefore these people have a lot to impart.

  4. Doug

    Jess-the-Less says: We Are Family.

    • semichorus

      And the immortal…

      “People, nepotism is what Burbank is all about!”

      Which I’d love to see the old YouTube of — the one that Barlow quickly moved to get taken down.

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