Lessons in schizophrenia


FireShot Capture 99 - 8777-6.jpg (2142×1728) - http___www.heldfond.com_pictures_8777-6.jpg
Yeah, this’ll work.

Bob Hope Airport is looking to implement a new parking strategy in an attempt to recoup revenue lost due to the increasing use of transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft.

The operations and development committee of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority board decided during a meeting Monday to recommend to commissioners a plan that would raise or lower rates at all public lots by no more than $3, depending on the real-time parking needs of the airfield.

Visitors to the airport could possibly pay as low as $7 in Lot A, $10 in lots B and C, $20 in lots E and G, $28 in the parking structure and $20 using the valet. Alternatively, rates could be as high as $13 to $34 depending on which lot is used.

“It’s a way to entice passengers to park here,” said Lucy Burghdorf, an airport spokeswoman.

No, it’s a way to confuse and antagonize them. Uber and Lyft are bound to benefit from this desperation-time wackiness.

And what, are the prices going to change on people while their cars are sitting in there? In “real time”? Surprise, you’re now paying $34! Just try to leave right now on less.

Airport officials have reported a decline in parking revenue since the rising popularity of ridesharing companies. The airfield currently charges ridesharing drivers $3 per pickup.

BTW, it is NOT an airfield. When there’s an existing passenger terminal it’s called a frigging AIRPORT. Nice try with the blatantly phony Romantic angle though. As well as the back-and-forth airport/airfield nomenclature, which is designed to get people slowly used to this new and soon-to-be permanent description.

Whatever works, right? Maybe Amelia Earhart will fly in for the dedication.

They’re all shills these days, aren’t they?






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4 responses to “Lessons in schizophrenia

  1. Anonymous

    I thought they wanted everyone to use public transportation to get there.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah what happened to everyone riding a bike to the airport ?

  3. Anonymous

    recent visitors to the airport speak up and say build your new terminal and the costs to passengers only GO UP

    • BRudell

      Burbank Airport Commissioners making love with Glendale and Burbank counterparts.
      Certain City Council members urging them on, up in the hills, just like in the backroom.
      Never on Tuesday, though.

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