Bringing in the heavyweights


Someone must be desperate.


FireShot Capture 117 - Thomas Flavin tapped to lead Burbank _ - http___www.latimes.com_socal_burba


Expect bad things from this.

When it comes to just plain reckless and destructive jerkiness, this guy’s about 10,000,000 times worse than Golonski and Rogers combined. By comparison, he makes both of them look like founding members of the Ted McConkey Fan Club. This appointment is clearly a major ideological “fuck you” to the more restrained slow growth, it’s-not-all-about-money voices here in town.

We’d thought Flavin was long gone, too. But the Chamber folks must have been impressed by our recent replay of some of his more lamebrain mutterings…

In the wake of a state decision to add Bob’s Big Boy to the list of California points of historic interest, the Burbank City Council is considering a historic preservation ordinance that would allow landowners to veto any effort to designate their property a landmark.

Several council members said the ordinance, which was discussed Tuesday night, should include a provision to assure that “there will be no more Big Boys.” They were referring to a decision by the State Historic Resources Commission on Friday to declare Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Burbank a landmark despite opposition from the property owner, who wants to tear the diner down.

The landmark designation will make it legally more difficult to raze the 1950s restaurant at Riverside Drive and Rose Street and replace it with an office building or shopping center, as the owner had previously proposed.

“I personally feel that the rights of the owner of Big Boy were not honored,” Councilman Tom Flavin said. “We should adopt some type of preservation policy, but the rights of property owners need to be protected.”

Can you imagine? How can he still show his head around here after just that one inanity, let alone be suddenly brought back into a position of local influence?

How dare they save Bob’s Big Boy! Why, it’s an outrage that must be addressed immediately!

Again, expect bad things from this news. The establishment/big money folks are making a definite statement of war here. It won’t end with this, either.

Tom Flavin they say? Tom Flavin?

Next they’ll be holding séances for Bill Ruddell.






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One response to “Bringing in the heavyweights

  1. Evelyn

    Tom Flavin, as a staff member and as a Council Member was not paying attention for some period of time to have the Bob’s Big Boy issue bite him in the ass.
    He never quite made the transmutation from staff to elected.
    Look at his various positions since Burbank.
    “We know what is best for you.”

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