Blame the local shill


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If you want to know why the current paid consultants want to rename Burbank after Los Angeles, here’s a detailed record about the direct source of the problem:

When Michael Hastings Called the Hope Family

November 27, 2003
By Josh Kleinbaum


When Michael Hastings called the Hope family in New York late one night this week, he was not concerned about waking them. Sure, it was late, even later back East, and the Hopes had a busy week — today’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is honoring their father, Bob, the late entertainer from Toluca Lake.

But they wanted to know. Was it official? Was Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport now known as Bob Hope Airport?

“They didn’t care what hour, they wanted to know,” said Hastings, the former Burbank mayor who represents the Hope family.

Pasadena, the third member of the airport’s joint powers authority, voted on Monday night to rename it, making the change official. Officials expect to hold a ceremony introducing Bob Hope Airport on Dec. 17, the centennial of flight. Glendale and Burbank have already approved the change.

“They were first very quiet, which was kind of sweet,” Hastings said. “There was silence, then there was a very, almost monitored tone of, ‘Thank you very much. This is something that Dad would have been so pleased to have.’ “

From a technical standpoint, the name change became official as soon as Pasadena’s City Council made its vote, but don’t expect to hear pilots say, “Welcome to Bob Hope Airport,” for at least a few more weeks. Airport officials and the Hope family are planning a ceremony for Dec. 17, when a new sign at the airport will be unveiled.

“I hesitate to get into too much detail, because it’s a project still in planning,” airport spokesman Victor Gill said. “It would basically be an announcement to local officials marking the change.

“The act has been done. The motion, the ratification, kicks in immediately. But for practical purposes, we’re still awaiting a formal occasion.”

Hastings did this all for pay, by the way. That’s his job.

The whole piece is smarmingly hilarious, but this part is especially so:

Changing all of the signage and stationery will be a much more time-consuming process, and officials said they have not even set a schedule for that. Officials project a cost of $250,000 to make the changes, but the Hope family has pledged to hold a fund-raiser to help offset that cost. Private companies have already donated more than $15,000 for the project, and the Hope family has not even begun asking for contributions.

How much Hope real estate did they inherit? And they’re holding a fundraiser? Why not comp the costs on their own?

“Once we get over this first event, then we’ll be sitting down and discussing the second event, which we will call the public tribute to Mr. Hope,” Hastings said. “As the Hope family has said all along, no municipal funds will come out of this, and as each funding issue comes along, it will be submitted to the Hope family for review.”

The Hope family for review? They’re the policymakers?

Fuck ’em. They should have quietly donated the money and left it at that.







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8 responses to “Blame the local shill

  1. chad

    I think that’s Rev. Nick in the foreground of the shot. His church got displaced by the Talaria debacle. He mentioned publicly that he was threatened in a phone call by a Cusumano representative. When he said that, Hastings feigned an incredulous look.

    • semichorus

      He was told not to make things difficult for them, yes. I think it was Hastings who’d made the call.

      He’s an ex councilman/mayor who’s now a paid lobbyist to the City.

    • Anonymous

      Also, remember, I believe it was at the next meeting, Michael Cusumano got up to speak and try to do damage control about getting called out on strong-arming the Church and in his faux sincerity, for wanting only good things for the Church, he referred to them no less than 3 times as “VICTORY” Baptist not VALLEY Baptist, the latter being their actual name….LOL, he’s such a busy man and all, the poor little spoiled developer couldn’t even remember the name of those he wanted to help due to being displaced by him. Them’s the FACTS FOLKS.

  2. Anonymous

    I more or less feel that Mayor Frutos is behind all this airport stuff. I have talked to the mayor and he is so pro airport you would think it’s Heaven and the spot where the angels sit or something. I really believe we should start electing our mayor so we get to chose who speaks for us.

  3. Anonymous

    Hastings is a fascist shill of the lowest sort, wrapped in the flag, last resort of a scoundrel: his email signer “9-11 NEVER FORGET”

    Fuck you. And your dad was a second rate hack of a no talent actor, Mikey..

    • semichorus

      Is that his real email? What a pandering a-hole.

      Did he ever serve himself?

      Bob Hastings could be pretty funny. Car 54, etc.

  4. Anonymous

    Sorry, I had it backwards:

    Michael Hastings
    Direct Point Advisors
    818-260-xxxx Office
    818-422-xxxx Mobile

    NEVER FORGET. 9/11

    Jackass. His email handle is “Twoterm@”

    • Carmen

      Two mistakes was bad, three would have been throw-up time.
      Never forget, orange plastic means toy gun.
      Get up real close, always make sure you get a good look.
      Now run, if you can.

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