How about “Caitlyn”?



How can a consulting company with such a horrible name of its own be trusted to tell the rest of us how we should be known to the world?

New names pitched to Bob Hope Airport officials in effort to attract more passengers

A South Pasadena branding firm told Bob Hope Airport officials the possible benefits of having Los Angeles in its name. However, some residents do not want any of it.

The company Anyone Collective was contracted by the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Authority to develop a brand name for the airfield in an effort to attract more passengers nationwide to the local airfield. Firm officials told the board’s operations and development committee during a meeting Monday that Los Angeles was searched online by Americans an average of 671,560 times a month when it came to travel and tourism.

In comparison, Burbank is nationally searched an average of 73,400 times each month, while Bob Hope has an average of 47,240 searches per month.

Anyone Collective? That sounds like anything goes. Is that the best they could come up with?

Their place name theory too is inane. If generic keywords like “Los Angeles” were the determining factor in how to position a particular website or place of business, we’d would have long renamed this blog “Baby Jesus in Heaven.” People pick Burbank to go to because of the ticket availabilities and price, not because they are entranced or beckoned to by the sound of its name.

In other words, no one suddenly discovers a Southern California airport on their own. Instead, they check the airlines to see what’s out there.

Plus, we’re not Los Angeles.

It would be great though to get this Los Angeles Airport (oops sorry, Airfield) replacement terminal placed on the ballot as just that. It would mean their referendum would have an even less chance of passing.

Burbank voters: vote for the new Los Angeles Airfield/Airport in your town. You’ll love it.













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16 responses to “How about “Caitlyn”?

  1. Nancy

    The consulting firm from South Pasadena and the airport authority agreed the blog should be renamed, THE WORD AND WILL OF GOD

  2. Ed

    Fyi Trump WINS Arizona 🙂 🙂 Make America Great Again

  3. Don

    Can we rename this blog The Burbank Protectorate and affiliates

  4. BF

    Caitlyn Jenner Airfield. I love it because she has remote controlled helicopters so she is a leader in aviation.

  5. Stan

    I have a great idea how abour we rename the airport The Mayor Bob Frutoes Airport.

  6. Bryan

    I got it we can name the airport Maek Scott Escape to San Bernardino Center

  7. chad

    Here’s on thing that does concern me. Harry Potter Word opens in two weeks. Where’s the nearest airport? Burbank. Will people be landing their brooms at the airfield from all over the world? Seriously, though….this does seem like a crucial line in the sand moment for Burbank. If you want your town to remain even remotely the same, you better say no to the new terminal and renaming. Otherwise, Hollywood Blvd will be the nearest corridor to Hogwarts.

  8. Citizen Cane

    Every time I got on a connecting flight, other airports always referred to the airport as being Burbank, not Bob Hope. The name thing is from city hall meatheads looking for another way to “brighten ” up the city somehow. While city hall continues the destruction of Burbank with stupid building projects, those, like myself who can afford to leave, will. The name of the airport is referenced more by geography rather than a movie stars name.

    • Anonymous

      you got it Citizen Cane travel agents, airlines and people in general call it Burbank and I have said Bob Hope and gotten blank stares back. Only the elites at the airport and some of the self important people in Burbank think they will come up with yet another name that everyone ignores.

      • semichorus

        Hastings helped merchandise the Bob Hope name for the family. He’s one of the main culprits here.

        He’s a local shill and PR hack. A paid-for one — that’s his occupation.

  9. Anonymous

    The video’s hilarious.

  10. Beth

    The “universal” Jack is the current PR hack and shill for the Hope’s.
    So, naturally, he reverses the Hollywood & Burbank, pleasing No One.
    Who’s on the Airport Authority representing the People of Burbank?

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