Guess who now owes $4.1 million?


Thanks to Nancy Doumanian, the BUSD has now pushed their Baez bill up to over four million dollars. Since their refusal to abide by the third trial jury verdict last year — and the collapse of their futile appeal move — they’ve amassed $548,896.10 in interest.

The amount continues to build, too, because so far they have shown no inclination to pay up on the award. Apparently Doumanian is hemming and hawing with the back-and-forth communications between the attorneys. She asks about details and then proceeds to delay her response.

The district claims that this big loss will only entail a $10,000 deductible on their liability insurance, but you know they’re not telling us the whole story here. Just try to get a hold of the real details — they won’t tell anyone on the outside for instance how much Doumanian’s gotten paid for orchestrating this debacle, let alone how much they settled for with Jellison a few years earlier.

Ironically, it was the Boss who helped to torpedo their original accusations against Baez. After the BUSD double-crossed Jellison, he went out of his way to spill the beans about their official and almost conspiratorial reprisal effort against Baez. His revelations helped her case against the BUSD.






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2 responses to “Guess who now owes $4.1 million?

  1. Donna

    If you ask me the school district lies and lies and lies. Their lies were caught by the jury and they continue to lie. Shame on the school district.

  2. Buck

    Message for BUSD:
    Tell JPA to cut the check.

    Memo from BUSD to JPA:
    Give Nancy the Boot, then kick her in the Butt

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