A remodel? Or a new structure?

This is what the council will have to decide on Tuesday night.




Before and after.

It’s pretty obvious what it is from here, but the rules are different for the latter. If it’s a new structure then it has to go through a compatibility study.

The way the rule was originally drafted leads to this question of the evening, btw. It’s obviously not stringent enough if there’s an issue.

Is that a surprise though? It’s Burbank we’re talking about. The owner of course wants a “hardship” allowance to be granted so that they can still call it a remodel. What do you think?






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6 responses to “A remodel? Or a new structure?

  1. chad

    It’s just putting in new landscaping and a fresh coat of paint. What’s the big deal?

  2. Anonymous 3

    It should not be considered a remodel.

  3. 91505

    Do you know what the hardship is exactly ?

    • semichorus

      Because they don’t want to have to do it, I guess.

      They claim it’s because the extra walls they had to tear down we’re only a problem because of wood rot. But staff (correctly) says that it doesn’t matter why. If more than 50 percent of the existing walls have to go then it’s considered to be a new house.

      That makes sense, because they have to build a new house now, and thus it’s a new house.

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