Guess which one is considered to be more important

a) An impending historic visit to Cuba by the President of the United States


b) More talk about Donald Trump

The American news media has already made up its mind.

This country is batshit crazy. Just stupid and reckless as hell. And the rest of the world knows it.







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27 responses to “Guess which one is considered to be more important

  1. Al in SoCal

    I’m hoping for a Trump channel – 24 X 7 – all Trump all the time .. the media is almost there .. but we need MORE!

  2. Anonymous 3

    Which one of them has a chance of being the next president of the US?

    • Gary

      Like the Iran deal what now we get a rotten Cuba deal ? I would rather not see anything about the current president visiting a communist country. Hope he remembers people risk their lives to escape the Cuban government he is making friends with.

  3. Mary

    Most important is Donald Trump, Obama visiting an oppressive socialist regime is business as usual.

    • Al in SoCal

      China? Now Mary – as a Republican woman – are you allowed to speak without first being spoken to? I assume you’ve dedicated your life a la Duggars to hatching as many kids as humanly possible – is that correct?

      We all know Trump’s take on women in general .. I think. Perhaps you’ve just taken on your husband’s political views …

      • Mary

        Well Mr Al of so cal what you have proven is that you are indeed rather presumptive, judgemental and I will not be bullied by you. Rather ironic the word games you play to hide your gender and race bias.

        • Tom

          Wow looks like Al just bullied a woman

          • Al in SoCal

            No – actually I was just regurgitating the right-wing mantra that has been DEvolving for the past 40+ years when Democrats thankfully dropped the Southern Dixiecrats. If you want bullying – see the above post about Trump’s hired thugs.

        • Al in SoCal

          If you want to be bullied – look at the bruises Trump’s armed thugs gave a female REPUBLICAN right-wing news reporter. Apparently you support this type of behavior?

          Intelligence … a trait lacked by many.

  4. Anonymous

    They must have a great golf course in Cuba if Obama is visiting. I doubt he is going there to speak about womens rights.

    • Al in SoCal

      LOL – we ALL know how much Republicans LOVE to speak about women’s “rights”. I think I liked Clarence Thomas speaking for the first time in 10 years arguing that a wife-beating male has the right to carry a gun. God Bless the Guns

      • semichorus

        That’s not exactly what he said, but it was on behalf of such a case.

        I think what he asked was if they could think of anything else in the Bill of Rights that can be taken away by a misdemeanor offense, but the 2nd Amendment.

  5. chad

    The fact that we had no economic or diplomatic relations with Cuba speaks more to the power of the Cuban exile/ Cuban-American lobby (right-wing conservatives) than any genuine foreign policy. People object to the President visiting a communist country? We’ve had economic relations with Vietnam for years and they’re communist and we actually were at war with them and lost. Where’s the outrage? That speaks to the weakness and inability of the Vietnamese exile/Vietnamese-American lobby (right-wing conservatives) to get their message heard by Washington. The Cuban lobby in Washington is very powerful.

    • Al in SoCal

      If Cubans had picked a bright red or blue state to settle in – they would have exactly ZERO political pull.

      • Anonymous 3.0

        With your open boarders policies there Al, the Cubans may just take over all your democrat states just might be lost and Obama just ensured it with his trip to Cuba. After all on the civil rights of the Cuban people Obama just decided not to go there.

    • Dina

      Chad, most of us are in the Dark about your roll in the Vietnam War.
      Should you choose to enlighten us your positions might well take on
      a more meaningful flavor.

  6. Anonymous 3

    The Obama haters are out in force.

  7. Jean

    It’s growing every day and it’s impressive

  8. Jean

    Scott Baio explains his take on the election

  9. chad

    Now that’s funny, Anon.

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