That quick?

Anyone else think there’s something a little fishy about some of these recent cases?

On Thursday evening, March 17, 2016, the Burbank Police Department was contacted by the family of a 17 year-old female, who attends John Burroughs High School. The juvenile told officers she had been having an on-going “consensual” sexual relationship with Jose Banuelos Jr., a 28 year-old resident of Burbank.

The investigation has revealed the sexual relationship dates back about 2 1/2 years when the victim was 15 years old. Banuelos, an assistant baseball coach at John Burroughs High School and a part-time City of Burbank employee with Parks and Recreation, was arrested earlier today in the Ralph’s Supermarket parking lot, 2600 W. Victory Boulevard. He was in possession of a loaded handgun at the time of his arrest.

Wait a minute. They get a phone call on Thursday evening about this accusation, and then they’re already arresting the guy for it on the very next morning of the very next working day? What kind of investigation is that?

Is a lone accusation all it takes to get arrested in Burbank?

The other day there was a story about a couple of guys who had allegedly found a teenage girl to have sex with on Craigslist, at least according to the news reports. But how does that work? Do 17-year-olds use Craigslist to have sex with older men? Is there a special category for that? Are they dumb enough to advertise this fact?

Or are these BPD sting operations instead? Like the way they (mis)use teenage Explorer Scouts to get hapless guys outside of 7-11 to buy them cigarettes and beer? How does the BPD use Craigslist to discover these kind of activities? What in the world does Craigslist have to do with it?

The sudden preponderance of local adult/teen sex cases in the news makes it look like there’s some kind of concerted police effort going on to flush these activities out, either by hook or by crook. Or possibly lure them in.

By setting people up? Or someone going through their phones for evidence? We wrote yesterday about how the BUSD now thinks that they can do it whenever they want to, as long as they can tie it to a “rule” violation. Which means anytime.**

Even more to the point– how come no one else ever asks these kind of basic questions about our local police stories? What happened to the journalism? There’s something very odd/contrived about it all.

As always, there’s huge missing links to most of these inflammatory stories — and others — that no one else seems to notice. Meanwhile, crime in Burbank increases.


** We already know that the Glendale Police Department use StingRays to collect phone data around their downtown area. We’ve even seen them driving around with them on their passenger seats near some of the hotels, especially the Maryland.

Is anyone in Burbank using similar devices around the high schools? It looks like there’s some kind of non-localized dragnet going on that accounts for the sudden rise in these stories.








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18 responses to “That quick?

  1. Anonymous

    My kid goes to Burroughs. She tells me the teachers are already doing arbitrary searches of student’s phones.

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously semi?! Where do you draw the line?

  3. Anonymous

    You want fishy? Does head JBHS basketball coach Adam Hochberg’s sudden resignation–the same day as Banuelos’ arrest–fall into that category? Creepy . . .

    • semichorus

      Whenever you have administrators showing up in town talking about “God,” you just know what’s about to happen. There’s some kind of creepy dragnet going on, that’s for sure. It sounds pretty sting-like and contrived to me.

      And then of course, whenever someone starts to ask basic questions about these cases — like what they’re all about, or where they’re coming from — all hell breaks loose.

      “How dare you!”

      That rings an alarm bell right there.

      If Burbank teachers had a decent employees union they’d be able to get to the bottom of it all (I suspect they’re being spied upon, actually, which means that they are all at risk of some kind of dubious or non-sustainable accusation, like being an accessory etc). The same holds true of a decent newspaper. There’s no intelligent review anywhere, just stenography.

      Meanwhile, the local crime rate rises.

  4. Ron

    Can the socialists in please come block olive avenue during rush hour ? Please oh please do it we need you socialists to tell us what to think on Burbank and it will help if you carry the flag of Mexico we all like that.

  5. Al in SoCal

    Here’s a solution – perhaps the men working in our schools can keep it zipped up? I mean … it’s like watching porn on computers at work – don’t do it!

    Let’s all remember N. Reagan .. “just say no” =)

    • semichorus

      You’re kind of missing the point here, aren’t you?

    • Anonymous 3.0

      Or Al maybe they work in schools so they don’t have to keep it zipped, and they know they don’t have to. Coaches hmmmm.

      • semichorus

        I think there’s been some major secret surveillance of school employees in general — like generalized fishing expeditions — and I think both the two unions and the employee ranks over there should all be very, very concerned.

  6. Anonymous

    Interesting that is not doing their typical exposé on this story and why not? Because Craig Sherwood is the head Baseball Coach at JBHS! He most likely knew about the whole thing the whole time. He and Ross Benson are completely scumbags who make their money from photographing and tweeting the very worst days of people’s lives and kissing the ass of the police department.

    • semichorus

      a. I doubt he knew about it

      b. He’s mentioned it

      c. At this point it’s an accusation, not a fact. People don’t seem to remember this, or care

      d. What worst days of people’s lives? It’s almost all happy news there

      e. I’ve never seen them do an “expose”

  7. Anonymous 3

    ” they’re already arresting the guy for it on the very next morning of the very next working day?”


    • semichorus

      Law and order. Yes!

      Arrest people first, THEN do the investigation. And do the arrest in the most dramatic, public way possible.

  8. Jerry

    Maybe watching them block a freeway
    In Arizona today was the source of the idea ?

  9. TONI

    I am more concerned that this clown had a gun on him! That is really scary.

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