Let’s hear it from America’s Spokeswoman

The fact that she’s being allowed to show her face on such a program is proof that the corporate news media has gone completely off the rails…



Admit it though: wouldn’t she make a wonderful Secretary of State?









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11 responses to “Let’s hear it from America’s Spokeswoman

  1. anyonymous 3.0

    Omarosa is right on this one and what a shock for a female and an african ameeican female to dump Hilary right. Just who does Omarosa think ahe is lol.

  2. Anonymous 3.0

    Well i’m sure if she were speaking highly of Bernie she would be the media darling but hey she looks to me like she knows as much as all the so called journalist talking heads. All of whom by the way have opined that Trump would never make it this far right ?

    • Anonymous

      You fascisheep just make shit up out of the thin air and then completely believe it. There is a virtual media black out on Bernie. it is all Drumpf and HRC. Send in your absentee ballot and go back to sleep.

  3. Tom

    Funny but I think she knows more than reporters at the Leader or the Los Angeles Times.

  4. Burbank Hooligan

    She is a non-celebrity celebrity. Famous only for her appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice. Even the other ‘celebrity’ contestants on the Celebrity Apprentice did not know why she was there. As an American she can speak about whatever she wants. Why any news channel would put her on the air is beyond me.

    That aside.

    Semi, hypothetically speaking, if you, as a progressive, had only two choices for president and you HAD to pick one or face 15 years of hard labor in a North Korean prison, which one would you choose: Donald Trump or Ronald Reagan?

  5. 91505

    I wonder what the Kardashians think ?

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