Board to pass over-expansive cellphone search policy that clearly violates student rights

Tonight the BUSD school board will be passing a huge hundred-page document of new and revised district policies.

Buried within this tome is a revised rule on student privacy rights vis a vis new technology:

The district reserves the right to monitor student use of technology within the jurisdiction of the district without advance notice or consent. Students shall be informed that their use of district technology, including, but not limited to, computer files, email, text messages, instant messaging, and other electronic communications, is not private and may be accessed by the district for the purpose of ensuring proper use. Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy in use of the district technology.

Students’ personally owned devices shall not be searched except in cases where there is a reasonable suspicion, based on specific and objective facts, that the search will uncover evidence of a violation of law, district policy, or school rules.

Hardly so, and hardly legal. In particular, this vague citation of a simple violation of “school rules” conveniently gives BUSD administrators carte blanche permission to search a student’s personal cellphone or computer at any time, and without prior notice or permission. Just find a school rule to apply not matter how trivial and it’s an immediate green-light trip to the principal’s office for a fishing expedition. Or even the teacher’s desk.

On what planet? The whole point of a policy book is to give direction to employees as to how to apply the company’s policies.

This gives none– except a generalized right to pry whenever they think a rule’s been broken. This particular entry is completely useless as a living and breathing policy for them to be able to use anywhere.

Do these BUSD people ever have real attorneys review their ridiculously over-expansive and illegal policies? Not just the expedient, let’s-see-if-we-can-get-away-with-it kind?

We already know about those hired hands.












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13 responses to “Board to pass over-expansive cellphone search policy that clearly violates student rights

  1. 91505

    Of course they are and will. I bet the board members oppose a wall along the boarder yet never hesitate to further intrude on American Citizen rights. Wonder if it ever occurs to them that the front door is wide open while they worry about a cell phone being in a purse or pocket.

  2. Anonymous

    The kids have started using their phones to shoot video on teachers and staff in potentially compromising situations–that’s the sick, sorry reason behind this.

    • semichorus

      Interesting. Which I’m sure is a violation of a rule — the privacy of others, or some such nonsense — and which will entail a full phone search.

      Also sounds coercive/prior restraint. You better not film anything or we’ll search your phone.

    • Anonymous

      “The kids have started using their phones to shoot video on teachers”

      I like it!

      Hopefully their videos will be posted on YouTube showing the left-wing-enviro-crap that is shoved down their throats.

      They can’t read their diplomas, but they certainly know how to recycle!

    • Al in SoCal

      Easy – disallow cell phones during class. If caught – it’s confiscated and NOT returned – but factory reset and sold for school funds.

  3. Dan

    This is why applebaum wants technology so he can control and spy on kids.

    • Jan

      Yes students across the country have been capturing teachers out of control just like they capture cops out of control with their phones. Makes sense the schools don’t want video of things that are going on reaching the world and going viral. The kids should film it all.

  4. DixieFlyer

    BTW, ‘Special” Airport Meeting on Monday at EIGHT AM.

    Operations Committee will listen to ANOTHER Report from consultants on the issue of “re-branding” the Airport.

    Screwing around with the name again.

    Pretty tough time for Public Participation, again.

    Last time they pushed for LOS ANGELES in the Name????

    Regional Airports are utilized by many based upon names in the Region such as “Hollywood-Burbank”.

    Slapping LOS ANGELES on would only ADD confusion.

    • semichorus

      Look, here they are now!

    • Irwin Fletcher

      Not unlike the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”.

      • DixieFlyer

        As a matter of fact, significantly DIFFERENT.

        When business travel is booked or vacation travel including your family is in the planning stages, Hollywood & Burbank have long produced a TON of entertainment.

        Who do these consultants actually interview?

        We need to identify the staff members giving them direction from the beginning, mid-way and the wrap-up.

        The name isn’t LA Angeles of Los Angeles, it says ANAHEIM (in English)

  5. 91506

    Ferguson must read the blog. He stopped the policy

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