No, it says more than that


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The Airport Terminal’s PR page is now up on the City of Burbank site. Here’s Question No. 1 from its FAQ:


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Here’s what the law actually says:

No approval by the City of Burbank of any agreement between the City and the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority for a relocated or expanded airport terminal project, or any other discretionary act by the City relating to the approval of a relocated or expanded airport terminal project shall be valid and effective unless previously approved by the voters voting at a City election. [Added by Ord. No. 3541 (Measure B approved by the voters on 11/7/00), eff. 5/24/00.]

As you can see,  Measure B is not restricted to “City Council” approvals. In fact, its says nothing at all about the council’s role.

Instead, it specifically says “by the City.” The difference — and what’s being left out of this FAQ by design — is that BMC 2-3-112 also prevents staff members (or anyone else) from agreeing to anything on their own regarding the airport terminal project. In private negotiations, planning meetings, or whatnot.

Whether this makes any real difference or not, who knows? Why does the FAQ misstate what it does?

Albano has already magnified the council’s role under Measure B to allow them to engage in prior voting approval of the deal before it goes on the ballot. We saw that in November, and even Golonski said back then that the council members have no stated right to “approve” a terminal deal ahead of the voters. Just look at the last line in 2-3-112.

Everything has to be “previously approved” by the voters. That new FAQ though falsely memorializes this heightened, jump-the-gun role for them — which of course has no basis in Measure B.

Now if the city council does approve the deal before the voters do, and those same voters subsequently turn it down, how will the council’s official action be reversed? Measure B does not provide any mechanism to reverse a previous council decision. It’s not designed to serve as a public referendum on a previous council vote.

We’ve brought this up before. The council has no right to vote to approve the deal before the voters do. The voters don’t ratify or not ratify the council’s earlier decision about the terminal. That’s not Measure B.

Yet, this whole process is being framed exactly that way.






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15 responses to “No, it says more than that

  1. Anonymous 3

    We’re getting a new terminal. Come to terms with it.

  2. CornFused

    Where do you get these little airplane drawings?

  3. Anonymous 3.0

    Come to terms with it, spoken like a true problem and not a real solution. Do you even understand how sick and tired Americans are feeling with a government and their cheerleaders who treat us all like we must just give up and accept every crazy idea you come up with ? Here is something dedicated to Anonymous 3

    • semichorus

      So let’s vote for a plutocrat to save us. Right.

      What stupid shits you people are. You deserve everything you’re going to get.

  4. Anonymous 3.0

    Honestly Semichorus look at where we are with these establishment hacks that could care less about us and only give us lip service. These establishment folks are the problem and its time to take our country back.

  5. Carlos A.

    So as a Puerto Rican American I am voting for Donald Trump because he is the man who tells the truth and tells me what he really thinks. I don’t want promises I want the truth and I want a president that says what he thinks. I want a wall because we don’t just let people walk into our house we have doors and we have locks right ? Here is a new song from a popular Rican singer/songwriter we are uniting behind Trump 🙂

  6. Carlos A

    oh sorry here is the song from the Puerto Rican singer that’s very popular in Puerto Rico

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