It’s because they were Black

Not only were these guys innocent of all charges, they were railroaded so badly by the system that they ended up getting big financial settlements.




If Trump had had his way they would have been executed.

In the face of all evidence, he was unrepentant.






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6 responses to “It’s because they were Black

  1. Al in SoCal

    As a comment-er I typically go to the comment board in news stories. Just give these comments a once-over. Trump supporters … and very very scary:

    Just glance them over – most not appropriate for civilized society.

    • Greg

      Got to love ” not appropriate for civilized society”

      Al, I really love people like you who believe that free speech only exists when and if it meets with your personal approval.

      I watched the actions and the words of the “civilized” protestors in Chicago, and while I have no issue with them making complete fools out of themselves something tells me many find them anything but civilized.

      • semichorus

        Oh boo-hoo. Poor Donald, he had to shut down one of his rallies because he wanted people to feel sorry for him.

        Those protesters were nothing. No one’s denying people their rights– it was a phony issue. And the Trump supporters are horrible people when it comes to anger and intolerance– and trying to impose their will on others.

  2. chad

    Greg, I don’t think Al is denying their right to free speech. He actually just has a serious disagreement with what’s being said. There’s a crucial distinction.

  3. Charlie

    Secret Service does the size-up’s.
    They recommend what works for them.
    More will come out later.

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