Business as usual




Another example of why Obama is such a disaster. He doesn’t stand for anything, he doesn’t fight for anything, and he shits on his base — which makes it extremely difficult for Democrats to generate enough excitement to make it to the polls on election day.

Functionaries, everywhere.





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5 responses to “Business as usual

  1. Al in SoCal

    Wrong. Merrick is the sacrificial lamb nominated in order to pressure Republicans to break their “wall”. If he IS confirmed, however, Merrick stands to be about 1000% less conservative than Scalia was and apparently has strategic liberal views (gun control, etc).

    Here’s a thought – when President Clinton takes office she will null and void Merrick’s now-dead appointment and replace him with a REAL liberal that a now Democratically controlled Senate will quickly confirm turning the court into a liberal leaning court for the next 40 plus years. =)

    • semichorus

      No, she’ll keep it going. They’d never do that to an “esteemed” judge. It would also look like a repudiation of her predecessor.

      Scalia is much better than Garland on 4th Amendment issues– he had a healthy suspicion of the police, and was always ruling against them. He’d make fun of their claims in court. Merrick by contrast is clear cut establishment guy, an ex-prosecutor. Another kumbayah, reach across the aisle, failure-of-nerve move from Obama.

  2. Anonymous 3

    Right you are. Obama should wave his magic fairy wand and change the Senate from Repub control to Dem.

    I don’t know what he’s waiting for.

    • semichorus

      He needs to fight for something instead of always trying to please them. It never works.

      • Anonymous 3

        “Pleasing” them would have been to agree to not appoint anyone.

        Fighting is appointing a qualified judge, then demanding that the Senate take it up.

        The reality is the Repubs are not going to blink. They are prepared to take the damage to their chances of holding the Senate.

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