Hand them the keys to the City!

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Wait, we forgot. They’re going to anyway.

Cusumano Real Estate Group Receives BTAC’s Burbank Top Award for Citizenship

By Joyce Rudolph On March 14, 2016

That giving spirit was felt around the room when supporters of Burbank Temporary Aid Center recognized the Cusumano Real Estate Group.

The Cusumano family and employees — who feel like family –received the BTAC, which is the acronym for the Burbank Top Award for Citizenship as well as the center. There were about 360 guests sharing in the excitement at the 13th annual dinner gala on March 4 at the Castaway Starlight Room.

Master of ceremonies Michael Hastings reminded people of how fortunate they were to be sitting at their tables enjoying a wonderful dinner.

“How many of those who BTAC serves would love to be in your seats tonight?” he asked the crowd. “I think that is something you should all think about as you are here tonight. Put yourself in someone else’s seat. BTAC reaches out to those who are less fortunate.”

Trust us on this one. No one benefiting from BTAC would trade places with anyone sitting up there inside that hillside oasis. We should know.

What a disgusting, reverse-empathy bit of noblesse oblige, eh? Say hello to Pedro for us the next time you’re down there, you condescending, inappropriate, stupid sack of shit.

You have to admit though, the timing on this PR celebration is in fact quite interesting. How can we not now reward the Cusumano “Group” with everything they want?

Btw, here’s the reason why the Cusumanos didn’t want the award to go to “the Cusumano Family” this time:


welcome to burbank


We’ve pretty much done a final number on that one when it comes to PR usefulness. Or we should say, they did.


(P.S. They also don’t live in Burbank…)










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22 responses to “Hand them the keys to the City!

  1. chad

    Man this is something else. This is when Burbank being a small town is really irritating.

    • semichorus

      So creepy, isn’t it? For them it’s a small town, for the rest of us, they’re delusional. Poor BTAC needs the money though, so I don’t blame them.

      And the timing. What a coincidence. I wonder which bought-and-paid-for local PR firm came up with the idea?

  2. Anonymous

    Pedro’s gone. He went to UCLA.

  3. Anon

    Crazy isn’t it Jim. With all the charitable work you do in this city, I can’t believe you did receive the honor.

  4. Ron

    BTAC is a bunch of whores.

  5. Tom

    Chad you think this doesn’t happen in big towns ? It does. These nonprofits are very into money and you should always ask how much do their top people get paid and where does the money go. You heard about wounded warrior project right ?

    • semichorus

      BTAC’s ok– they do good work. They’re not to blame. It’s not like that corrupt wounded warrior group– that takes fancy first-class vacations with all the TV money they raise on their lies about how the nation doesn’t do anything for our vets.

      You’d think the VA doesn’t exist. Wounded Warriors feeds off of gullible senior citizens and their monthly debit card deductions.

  6. 91505

    Didn’t you know the criteria for Burbank citizen of the year is that you don’t live in Burbank. After all if you live here there must be something wrong with you if you live here. Serious question here, where does the head of BTAC live ? Is it even Burbank ?

    • semichorus

      That’s another reason why the “Family” wasn’t the awardee.

      His lives in Malibu. Joyce conveniently left that out of the article.

      Not sure where the director lives. She’s OK.

  7. S.D.

    Can they turn the Talapia into a soup kitchen and homeless shelter now that they got this fantastic award ?

  8. Anonymous

    The Cusumanos give a lot of money to many organizations in Burbank. For many years they have given money and time to the elementary school my kids go to and the high school my kids will be going to in the future. I don’t see you giving any money to improve Burbank. Until you’re putting your time and money into Burbank, don’t critize the one’s that do! Focus on other losers like you that don’t do anything to help improve the great city of Burbank. And by the way, do your research, only one family member lives in Malibu part time. Otherwise, most of them live in Toluca Lake. Plus they all grew up in Burbank so why shouldn’t they help the city they grew up in? We should be so lucky they want to still contribute and improve our city!!!!

    • semichorus

      Learn to read. I said the one lives in Malibu. They’re not helping the city they grew up in, either. They profit off it.


      They should be thanking Burbank, not the other way around. And btw, several of them went to Burbank schools — without living here. Played football too, at Burroughs, which was a CIF violation.

      Ask Bob Kramer. He and McConkey and a guy named Stavropoulos brought it up to the school board time and time again. The Cusumanos never think they have to follow the rules.

      So Burbank should thank the Cusumanos? For what. Making money off the town?

      Do people know how much Burbank has done for them? It about time they start knowing.

      • Anonymous

        Learn to write and use propper grammar and then maybe I could read what you have to say. “His lives in Burbank?” Maybe the Cusumanos should finance some college classes for you. But you probably couldn’t get into a community college even if you paid them. Oh wait, you have never given any money to any organization, have you? So maybe you should start giving money to my kid’s Burbank elementary school, the Boys and Girls Club, or St. Joe’s Hospital like the Cusumanos before you start critizing them. And, they all have lived in Burbank but even if they didn’t, who cares, they’re still giving money to important organizations that help our community.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah we are so lucky they take useless land in downtown Burbank off our hands for one hundred dollars, thats it we are just so lucky massa Cusamano.

      • semichorus

        And now we get to “consider” loosening the new Burbank35 density rules in …. the downtown area!

        What a coincidence. And it also turns out to be a transit-adjacent zone, for even more consideration.

        Wow. Lucky them.

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you Cusamano family for ripping off the tax payers and then throwing a few bread crumbs to us so we can thank you so much. Thank you so much Cusamanos., How really stupid do you really think we are.?

  10. chad

    Anon, I realize stuff like this happens in other, larger cities. When you live in a city of 100,000 and all you hear about are the Cusumanos and Hastings (a whole other kettle of fish there) it does get tiring and starts to feel like the film, Ground Hog Day.

  11. Anonymous

    His lives in Burbank. Your grammar is as good as your janitor skills. Too bad you can’t be fired as a blogger also. So funny you only post your stuff and your fake followers stuff. You are such a coward.

    • semichorus

      The meaning’s implied. It’s colloquial.

      You really are an asshole, aren’t you? Say hello for me to all of your lying, sack-of-shit Burbank friends. I love how they’re all aging just so badly. It’s pathetic, really.

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