Burbank needs to allow more building density.

Staff’s right.

Especially Downtown:

Burbank police are looking for two people involved in a fight Monday night that left a third person, a 40-year old man, critically injured with multiple “major” stab wounds to his head, neck and torso, police said.

An altercation between the trio turned physical on a sidewalk on First Street between Palm Avenue and Orange Grove, spilling into the roadway before bystanders broke it up, said Burbank Police Sgt. Claudio Losacco…

The man and woman involved, who haven’t been identified, were last seen walking away from the scene, south on First Street.

We have shills and dipshits running this town. You think the council has figured it out yet?

They’re certainly not in charge.





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9 responses to “Burbank needs to allow more building density.

  1. Scott

    No except for Gordon, the rest of them sit there feeling important when they have no say and no control over anything. They are puppets of rich developers and city staff. They are in charge of nothing.

  2. Norm

    This old airport commissioner reads worse than the mayor does. The guy seems almost senile not saying that to be mean just honestly feeling unsafe with someone senile running the airport.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow your grammar makes you look retarded. No wonder you where a fired janitor . What r u doing now mr angry ? Just angry you are a loser.

  4. Anonymous

    The real question that should be asked is to the Chief of Police is why don’t you staff the streets properly anymore. You lie to the public and to the City Council that everything is fine and under control. That is bullshit. The smoke and mirrors have to stop, the people of Burbank deserve better and so do the Police Offices of YOUR department.
    You obviously do not give a shit about the citizens of Burbank or YOUR PD, as long as YOU look good.
    You continue to tell everyone what a great job you are doing and how you have solved all of the police issues. But, violent crimes are on the rise. Burglaries and assaults are on the rise. Why, because there are not enough Police Officers on the streets patrolling like there used to be. Visibility and being proactive is good! You put less officers out on patrol than ever before and it shows. The ones that are out there are afraid to do their job for fear that you will not support them, only discipline them.
    I cannot believe that the City Council does not see this or listen to the citizens who have aired their concerns for safety.
    The only thing you all do is add another big name to the mix to monitor and control the police and impair their ability to do they job they have been trained to do.
    It is time for you the City Council and City Management to wake up, listen to the people and take the blinders off to see that this once great and proud city is turning to shit real fast !! You and the Chief are directly responsible but continue to lie to the citizens of Burbank.

    • semichorus

      It’s not the BPD’s fault. Big growth has led to the inevitable transiency. Burbank insists on luring in as many lowest-common-denominator businesses as it can grab, and this is the inevitable result. We attract trouble now.

      It was always going to be this way, and it will get much worse.

      Didn’t have to be. Thirty years ago Burbank had a big choice to make: shall we try to go upscale, and/or stay small? Or should we go Little Big Town.

      Guess which decision those clowns back then made. Thanks, Bud.

      And they’re actually proud of it, still!

  5. DixieFlyer


    More Certificates. More Conferences.

    Less is Better. We aren’t Revenue Agents.


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