Clinton Derangement Syndrome. It’s a terminal illness

So Hillary Clinton tries to say some nice things about Nancy Reagan the other day and accidentally confuses stem cell research with AIDS. The media goes completely bananas at this simple 30-year-old error and immediately forces her to apologize for her friendly statement. It’s a Day Two story everywhere.

Then they ask repeatedly if AIDS patients are satisfied with her mea culpa. “Is it enough?” they say, as if she should now inject herself with the virus in repentance.

Meanwhile, at the very same time, Donald Trump boasts about how there’s nothing wrong with waterboarding and torture in dealing with our many “enemies,” and that we might also have to go “way beyond” these actions to help make the world safe for America. The same mainstream media instantly responds by giggling about all of the crowds and excitement he’s attracting, and then goes on to speculate about why some protesters might be trying to “disrupt” his rallies.

This country’s doomed people. Just doomed. The future is here already:





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One response to “Clinton Derangement Syndrome. It’s a terminal illness

  1. chad

    Frat boys with turned around baseball caps. They’ll be too hungover to vote.

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