Former local guy still can’t get away from the cranks

You think Peggy Woods had it bad — this guy is always being harassed by the dog nuts.

“Dog Whisperer” star Cesar Millan is being investigated following an accusation of animal cruelty, TheWrap has learned.

The host, who currently has a show on the Nat Geo WILD Channel titled “Cesar 911,” had a complaint made against his Santa Clarita, California, dog psychology center on Thursday.

“There was a complaint that we received and we are investigating the matter,” Deputy Director Danny Ubario of L.A. County Animal Control told TheWrap.

“An officer visited the center today and it is currently under investigation,” he added.

The complaint was made by a single citizen but no further details could be released as it is an active case, Ubario explained.

A TMZ report claimed that the incident involved a dog attacking and injuring a pig during a training session.

Didn’t we see that on an old Lassie last month? The dog was the lucky one here, obviously. Ever seen a pig in action when they want to be?

Dog nuts btw absolutely hate Millan because he doesn’t tolerate or inject any sentimentalizing crap with these animals. He knows that they aren’t child substitutes. For pre- and post-menopausal women.


American animal actor Spook, as Lassie, sits next to child actor Jon Provost, as Timmy, who prays in an episode of the television show 'Lassie' entitled 'Cully's New Pet,' July 12, 1960. The episode originally aired September 25, 1960. (Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)




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5 responses to “Former local guy still can’t get away from the cranks

  1. Anonymous

    Cesar Millan’s techniques are straight out of the 1950’s, just like you. Hah, you even reference a 62 year old TV show from from 1954 as proof, great way to show your age old man, I bet you hit your kids too ‘back in the day’. Cesar Millan is a hack and doesn’t deserve to have a platform to spread his tired and abusive old ways either… just like you.

    • semichorus


      Nothing better than to see my point being made about how crazy the animal zealots are, and immediately. And using Lassie is much funnier than anything from now, you fucking idiots. Fuck you if you don’t get the joke.

      Millan has my sympathies.

      • Peggy Woods

        The Rizzzzzoddi’s are no longer sharing ‘Wedded Bliss”.
        How do these things happen?
        Do they each get a “dog” to cuddle up with?
        Wonderin’ if Michael Hastings could’ve intervened.
        It looked as if they deserved each other!

    • B Yung

      Have watched CM for years and have yet to see him do anything abusive to any dog. His methods work and work well… millions of dog owners agree. The ones who don’t are either jealous or brain dead vegans with nothing else to whine about.

      • semichorus

        Fanatics. They hate the fact too that he will not sentimentalize their animals.

        Actually– many of these local haters are business Republicans– hardly liberals.

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