Blood money

FireShot Capture 14 - 8777-4.jpg (2055×1668) - http___www.heldfond.com_pictures_8777-4.jpg

A selfless organization it is, yes.

Each year, the airport donates $3,000 to each school district for its respective arts program. Bob Hope Airport has donated a total of $25,500 since the competition’s inception in 2008.

So devoted to arts and culture.



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4 responses to “Blood money

  1. BURBANK Bill

    And yet again in the newly redisgned Leaderless today article about fewer employees passengers yet again at the airport. Happy to read parking revenue took a hit from Uber, despite the insane restrictions on where they can pick up passengers.. Now cue AlinSical, Anon 3,etc and tell us why we need a new airport??

  2. Al

    Yes si generous. Overcharge the public to use a publicly owned parking lot and give a meaningless amount away as a PR stunt. Nice job airport.

  3. Anonymous

    oh whoopee for the airport !

    Nice public relations move guys. Sounds like you are trying to make it look like you just love kids right ? But you get kid art of your airport that you then use to advertise ? What a sham

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