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  1. DixieFlyer

    BTW, have any of you met the “new” Chad Garland from the follower?

    Front page article starting with AIRFIELD.

    Re-written press release about “0.4% dip.” in passengers?????

    How about a NEWS story about NOISE??

    Would they report a “change” of that TINY amount of noise?

    Names change, but the theme continues.

    • semichorus

      I love the airfield thing. How so artfully sentimental.

      I guarantee you– they’re gonna try to make this new one look like a Mission. Like Fr. Serra helped design it.

      Mission Burbank Airport.

      • Donna

        New guy with three names jumped right in the slop.
        Airport Commissioner’s denied they or their staff used the term.
        What a coincidence that new guy “followed” his “follower” predecessor.

        As an added bonus, in another story new guy quotes Sharon Springer.
        How refreshing to read her thoughts in the local paper.
        Where’s she been?
        Maybe new guy”met” her walking along San Fernando to Glendale.
        They should have kept going.

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