Does the council enjoy feeling out of control?

Because they certainly are.

Patrick Prescott was named director of Burbank’s Community Development Department, according to a statement released Friday.

Interim City Manager Ron Davis named Prescott to the post permanently. He had been serving as interim director since January and has worked for the city for more than a decade, including most recently the city’s deputy city planner…

Prescott had been selected to lead the department after a search conducted by an executive search firm last year, but then-City Manager Mark Scott declined to appoint him to the post permanently in January, during his last month with the city, with the idea that the decision should be left to his successor.

Good idea. The problem of course is that Davis is not his successor.

So just what the hell is he? Fronnie’s right: he certainly is a smug and arrogant clown. And we also don’t believe for a second that a city employee is the best an “executive search firm” could find.

If so, why then pay them?

How completely inappropriate. The Club Continues.





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19 responses to “Does the council enjoy feeling out of control?

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, indeed. Prescott has proved himself as a reliable shill unafraid to deceive a judge and flirt with perjury in open court. In Burbank that’s a requisite and highly desirable quality. Can’t wait to hear Jess sing his praises (“C’mon, people, corruption is what Burbank’s all about!”)

    • semichorus

      I’m still trying to find that great Talamantes video that Barlow and the attorneys absolutely freaked out about when they had YouTube take it down:

      “People, nepotism is what Burbank is all about!”

      And the perennial, “But the Cusumanos have been so wonderful to Burbank!” inanity that even Rogers said was utter idiocy.

      • Al in SoCal

        What was the vote to have Davis come in as interim city manager? Unanimous?!? Here we are talking about Talamantes who we all knew would vote for him – but what about the good Doctor?

        ” He’s actually been coming out lately against many of the things that I’ve also been criticizing here.” All talk …

        Just admit that he’s become part of the 3 or 4 who you disagree with mostly …. or does the admitting the truth hurt too much?

        • semichorus

          When did I blame the council for appointing him? And if it was unanimous, why would I single Gordon out?

          • Al in SoCal

            ” And if it was unanimous, why would I single Gordon out?”

            Because you ALWAYS praise him for being the odd man out! Hypocrisy is deep here ….

            • semichorus

              I praise him for many of the positions he takes. That doesn’t mean I have a responsibility to condemn him for the ones I don’t like, or always have to mention them. This isn’t the “Let’s Monitor Dr. Gordon” blog.

              They’re all culprits in this airport mess. If I was singling out, say, Talamantes, but said nothing about Gordon, you’d have a point.

              I suspect too that it’s not so unanimous over there these days anyway. Rogers is now balking about being lumped in as a term sheet defender, at least when it comes to that document being seen as a statement of his decision on the details– although I’m not sure then why he voted for it in November, or let staff pump it up back then as being such. Gordon’s also not too happy about how this is going.

              • Al in SoCal

                “They’re all culprits in this airport mess.”

                Thank you – that’s it, some equivalency is all I was looking for.

    • semichorus

      Thanks for this link. I love this part:

      “I am confident together we can win and I have friends who can help us too.”

      Who is this asshole? Anyone who thinks it’s an appropriate project for Burbank is nuts. And any resistance will come at the council level, not PB.

      Burbank’s doomed if it lets crap like this in. Cusumano projects are also always so sub-par.

      Guys like Caruso just laugh at them. And Burbank in general.

      They know.

      • DixieFlyer

        So now little al is looking for “rubber stamper’s” under every bed.

        Since when have we demanded lock-step from Council Members?

        Why do they take roll calls?

        Many of us do NOT expect unanimous votes with no discussion.

        Many of us have been trying to get the earnest discussions OUT of the backroom and into the sunshine.

        • Al in SoCal

          ALL FIVE now – apparently. LOL – so lest you leave out the bespectacled Doctor I’d remind everyone that he’s now part of the gang.

      • Anonymous 3

        Council will approve Premier. It needs the tax dollars.

  2. Troy

    Every one of you has embraced the need for a changed community for the future, its happening slow over years and now why is it a problem. This project is one of many to come and its part of what the infrastructure that we have been building to enable a completely bikeable and walkable Burbank. Give it a rest cars are a thing of the past look to the future. Without the costs of a vehicle you will have greater spending power for the things that are really important in life. Less time in travel as new projects in sustainable buildings will create small hub communities where we can live, work and play without the need for travel.

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