Think of it this way. Maybe they’ll burn the place down

FireShot Capture 87 - E Tujunga Ave - Google Maps_ -


Here’s Burbank’s newest halfway house for out-of-town drunks and drug addicts. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Now don’t blame state law for this. It’s actually the fault of these shadowy, mercenary corporations. What they do is exploit our worthy rehabilitation laws by swooping in to act as high-rent landlords for the kind of clients who have no choice but to empty their well-lined pockets on such faraway digs. And this one will be expensive.

The neighbors are right, too. This will be a sober-living facility, not post-surgical or disabled/elderly. Nothing like that would be placed so far away from a hospital, and in such a house.

The reason why most of these sober-living guys have to live in places like this btw is because they have been forced to by someone else– such as the courts. Or relatives who don’t want them around. This particular site was also deliberately placed far enough away from the local elementary school so that the city’s residency restrictions won’t apply.

That fact alone raises serious enough questions about who’s going to be living there by design. And, why they can’t live anywhere closer to civilization. No wonder they’re not answering the phone.

Again, don’t blame the law for this; blame the exploiters and the money men. No one was forced to buy there. It’s not left wing do-gooders, it’s capitalists.





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4 responses to “Think of it this way. Maybe they’ll burn the place down

  1. Cornfused

    I thought there was one about 5 doors down from Disney Elementary? That seems pretty close to a school.

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